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Studies Prove That You Can Prevent Osteoarthritis No Matter the Age

Osteoarthritis may be one of the most common health problems these days, especially in those over the age of fifty. The name of the disease – osteoarthritis – simply means the weakening of bones, ease of breaking and resultant pain, and slowing the healing process if the bones exposed to a crack or fracture.

If you or one of your family members has started showing early signs of the condition, you don’t need to worry. A recent study has shown that its ill-effects are easily avoidable.

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NMOrtho | Osteoarthritis can be cured and prevented even in old age

Understanding why Osteoarthritis occurs

To find the solution to a problem, its cause must be found first.

Scientists have conducted research that points out that most people with osteoarthritis are from developed countries; an astounding 26 million people suffer from this problem in the United States only. A closer look at these people’s lives shows that their lifestyle often includes less movement, more fat, and more fast food. So logically, somehow, the condition seems to be related to metabolism.

Even experts have often linked the condition with metabolism in hopes of finding a way to prevent this disease, especially since there is no treatment for it yet. What has been proven, though, is that food that lacks essential nutrients, accompanied by an inactive and sedentary lifestyle, alters the normal metabolic processes in the cell, and thus changes the way the cell releases energy.


Scripps | This bone weakening condition is quite common and simple lifestyle changes can help prevent it

It is commonly known that cells use glucose as a primary source of energy to carry out vital functions, and when metabolism changes, the glucose increases. Now, if the amount of glucose in the body exceeds the required amount, it is converted to another compound called lactic acid.

Lactic acid is one of the compounds that the body cannot get rid of quickly. The accumulation of this substance leads to the occurrence of inflammations, so if it accumulates in the joints, it will cause inflammation of the tissues surrounding the joint causing severe pain and weakness in the bone, and perhaps sometimes lead to the erosion of the bone surrounding that joint.

Professor of Musculoskeletal Physiology at the University of Surrey, Ali Mobasheri, says that many people believe in the misconception that aging must be associated with osteoarthritis. That’s not actually true. This problem can be easily avoided by improving lifestyle.

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Unsplash | The best cure and prevention to osteoarthritis is improving metabolism through exercise

In Conclusion

Since there’s no full-proof treatment available for this condition currently, whatever medication is prescribed is done only for relieving the symptoms, and most importantly, the pain. Doctors see that it’s possible to dispense with this pain and its medicines altogether by preventing the disease from the basis. Simple adjustments to the daily diet and allocating some time for exercise may prevent the occurrence of the disease.

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