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How To Stay Healthy And Fit This Thanksgiving?

There’s no doubt that many people are looking forward to celebrating this week, as Thanksgiving Day is already around the corner. We can’t wait to eat the mouthwatering Turkey and stuffed food on the table, as well as other delicious cuisine our family had prepared for the occasion.

However, for dieters, the Thanksgiving seems to be a scary and dreadful event because they’ll be tempted to eat foods that are not on par with their diet regime. Furthermore, a frustrating feeling came over us as we deprive ourselves of eating those delicious foods while deep inside, we just want to take a bite.

How can we overcome the temptation of the Thanksgiving Day and still be in line with our weight loss program? Here are our tips on how to stay healthy and fit this Thanksgiving Day.

Eat While Sitting Up Straight! If not, Stand Up

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Standing up while eating and chatting with your family and friends helps you burn more fat

When you get to eat your food during the Thanksgiving Dinner, don’t just sit on the table where the food is within your reach because chances are, you’ll always tend to eat more. Instead, stay away from your table and sit on a proper chair where you can practice good posture. This will help you not only to stay away from temptation but a good posture can also help you breathe normally. This, in turn, will ease your digestion and help you burn the foods you just ate. It’ll only make you eat more consciously since you need to check your food portions in order to maintain your good posture.

Or if not, you can stand while you eat. Instead of sitting on the table, why don’t you go to the garden and chitchat with your friends? Standing up will help you digest the foods faster. Also, try to be active as much as you can. You can dance after your feast, or you can just walk and get on stairs when you have to get something. The key here is to keep your metabolism burning throughout the dinner.

Eat More Veggies and Fruits

The recommended food portion for your plate

The truth is, it’s okay for you to eat all the foods served on the table, even if that food is not relevant to your diet. You don’t have to deprive yourself of eating the foods that you want and love all the time. The key here is moderation. Before you stuff your plate with those processed or unhealthy foods, it’s important to prioritize your plate with veggies and fruits first. We recommend you to go to the healthy sections first and stuff your plate with an at least ⅓ portion of fruits and veggies like salad. For unhealthy foods, we recommend you limit your consumption with a piece of each. For example, you can get one spoon serving of baked stuffed foods, 1 piece of turkey, 1 piece of your favorite pie, and so on, so forth. In this way, you’re able to taste all the foods served on the table without going overboard or worrying about ruining your diet. Aside from that, veggies and fruits are high in water content which can help control your hunger and cravings.

Use a Small Plate

Eating from a smaller plate helps you reduce your food consumption up to 30 percent

Of course, before you stuff your plate, you need to choose the smaller one too! Why? It’s because it’ll train your brain to only eat in smaller portions. In fact, according to the results of the studies conducted at Cornell University, they found out that the use of smaller plates correlates with your eating habits or consumption. The smaller your plate is, the smaller your food portion is. In fact, studies show that people who are eating with smaller plates were able to reduce their consumption by 30%.

Save your Calories for the Dinner or Main Course

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Eat more lean protein after exercising to help build your lean muscles

Instead of eating foods that are high in complex carbohydrates such as bread, baked goods, and rice, we recommend that you focus more on eating lean proteins. Devour that delicious turkey served on the table. Lean protein will help you build your muscles more, helping you to get a leaner body than depositing more fats. If you’re exercising, then eat more lean protein because the intense workout you just had will make you hungrier! And what’s the best source to help you build more muscles? That’s right, it’s protein.

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