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Some Solid Sources of Protein That You’re Probably Overlooking – Don’t Miss Out!

If you want to gain some muscle mass or get a bit leaner, then consider protein your best friend. Many dietitians and nutritionists recommend incorporating protein in your daily meals to help your body retain muscles. Protein is a naturally occurring, extremely complex substance that consists of amino acid residues joined by peptide bonds.  Proteins are found throughout the human body, including the bones, skin, hair, nails, and in every tissue.

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Importance of Protein

Since proteins are found in every part of your body, they are absolutely essential to keep your bodily functions going. While they are essentially building blocks for your bones, muscle, skin, hair, and nails, they are also a critical part of the process which fuels your energy and transports oxygen throughout your body. Proteins are also key elements in making antibodies that fight off infections illnesses, while simultaneously keeping up your cells’ health and creating new ones.

Sources of Protein

Now that you know how important proteins are and why they should be incorporated into your meals, here are some essential (and often overlooked) sources. Proteins can be found in various food groups, including lean meats, lentils, and beans, plant-based sources such as nuts and seeds, and lastly, you can always opt for protein powders!

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  1. Lentils

While lentils are an excellent source of protein and yes, they can be easily overlooked. A single cup portion of lentils provides you with 18 grams of proteins alongside fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. You can cook lentils in many ways, one of which can include boiling them or pairing them up with leafy greens with a side of your favorite dressing.

  1. Pea Protein Burgers

These burgers are made from pea protein, as the name suggests, which is created from the yellow split peas. It is a wonderful gluten-free alternative and can be made with whole food ingredients. When considering their nutritional value, pea protein burgers patty has around 25 grams of protein, and if you pair it up with lettuce, tomatoes, and avocados, you’ve got yourself a whole meal.

  1. Hard-boiled Eggs

Did you know that something like eggs, which is so commonly found in every pantry, is a great source of protein? A single egg provides 6 grams of protein alongside a number of other nutrients. Eggs are versatile in nature, which means they can be used to make a number of dishes, whether it be a salad or a sandwich.

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Bottom Line

While a balanced diet is essential for keeping your body healthy, there are some nutrients that are required in higher quantity than others – and protein is one of them. Now that you know how sneaky this nutrient can be make sure to look for it places you never thought it could be!

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