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Simple Tips to Help You Remember to Stretch Everyday Even When You Want to Skip It

If you’re here, you know you’re all too guilty of skipping stretching.

But, don’t worry, we’re all somewhat guilty of that.

We can go for long runs, work long days with minimal distractions and sit through never-ending Zoom meetings. But somehow, stretching is a bane. What’s worse is that we’re aware of how important stretching is. We feel our body punish us for not giving it those few minutes to stretch out the muscle tension. Yet, we keep on later-ing it until we forget – that is, until our hips, legs, calves, and quads remind us of our mistake during the next day’s run.

Pexels | Miss stretching one day, and your body will be sure to punish you the next

So, if you’re guilty of skipping stretches, too, here are some quick tips to help you make sure to incorporate them into your everyday routine.

1. Remind Yourself of the Importance of Stretching

You already know that stretching has a ton of benefits. It helps prep your body before a workout or cool down after, helps your mind and body relax, improves flexibility, reduces muscles aches and stiffness, and helps tackle muscle imbalance. And these are only a handful of its benefits! Every time your mind diverts you away from stretching, be sure to remind yourself of these advantages. Think of the times when stretching helped your workout sessions be smoother and helped you be more active.

Pexels | Keep something that reminds you of stretching – such as a yoga mat – in a high traffic area of your home so you just can’t forget it

2. Make Use of Tech

You already rely on your gadgets so much, why not use them for something good? There are many apps and fitness trackers that can offer reminders for you to get up, move around, breathe, etc. You can try to add a stretch or two into these reminders, too. Obviously, a heavy reliance on tech is no good but, if you’re one of the people who need such reminders then there’s no harm, as long as the output is positive.

3. Plan Ahead

While some benefit from the use of tech, others find themselves more organized and collected when they meticulously plan every bit of their routine. If you’re one of those people, this one’s for you. Be sure to account for a time slot for stretching in your daily calendar. Be sure to mark it as important and set up a reminder of some sort if that would help you remember. An even simple way to get this done is to add five extra minutes before or after your workout routine.

Pexels | As you grow older, it only becomes more essential to put stretching into your routine

Wrapping It Up

As a final note, remember that your body communicates with you regularly and all you have to do is listen. If you feel like the Tin Man when you get up, that’s your body telling you to push in those stretches into your routine.

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