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The Simple Secret to Lady Gaga’s Healthy Lifestyle That We All Can Follow

When you’re physically, emotionally, and mentally happy, it shows in the way you carry yourself. If all things are seemingly working out for you or you’re just content with your current state, you tend to blossom into a beautiful flower that no one can step on, which means despite criticisms, you stand tall and hold your head up high.

Stars who showcase their happy selves are the best example of how brushing off negativity can lead to something greater – after all, they are more exposed to unsolicited advice, criticisms, and even disapproval from the public.

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Lady Gaga is one of the pros in dealing with haters by focusing more on herself

One of the most influential stars who prove that no amount of harsh words can even make her less than awesome is Lady Gaga, who is popular for her award-winning singing and acting career as well as her sizzling chemistry with A Star Is Born co-star Bradley Cooper.

Despite all her accomplishments, she has had her fair share of haters, who can’t seem to do anything but poke fun at her and insult her at every chance they get.

However, the singer, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, doesn’t seem to give any attention to the haters and instead, focuses on more important things like her career and health.

Great Start of the Year

As of now, she looks happy and things are going pretty well for her – a great way to start her year. She finished 2018 with a terrific acting stint as Ally in Bradley Cooper’s “A Star Is Born,” a musical romance movie that was praised by audiences around the globe.

Lady Gaga even bagged the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Actress, which just proved how exemplary her performance was in the film. That’s not all, she also answered one of the most important questions she’ll ever hear in her life, and it’s one that came from her then-boyfriend Christian Carino.

Lady Gaga broke off her engagement to agent Christian Carino earlier this year

It was in October when Lady Gaga finally confirmed long-swirling rumors that she was engaged with the talent agent, although it is worth noting that she didn’t actually hide it because she had been wearing her humongous, unmissable pink sparkler in public outings.

The “Bad Romance” actress decided to keep the engagement under the wraps. She only low-key referred to Carino as her “fiancé” during her speech at the 25th Elle Women in Hollywood event.

In Her Best Shape

Welcoming 2019 was nothing short of amazing for Lady Gaga. Besides the new and promising chapter in her acting career, Gaga was also in the best shape of her life. Want to know her fitness secret? According to a source, the singer is doing a lot of fun activities to keep her body in good shape as well as to relieve stress from her hectic routine.

Lady Gaga especially loves yoga, as a source revealed to US Magazine. This form of exercise is great for the body and mind – so if you’re looking for a way to exercise and experience tranquility, then yoga is for you.

More than that, the Grammy Award-winning singer loves being outside, where she can breathe in fresh air, whether it’s at the beach or while riding a bike. Reading about her fitness routine makes working out sound really fun, doesn’t it?

As for food, the insider said Lady Gaga is all about lean protein and vegetables, which explains her glowing skin and lean physique. It seemed that there are no restrictions as the source said the performer basically eats anything because she doesn’t deprive herself. She’s also like some of us who simply cannot let go of coffee.


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Lady Gaga knows how to clap back on haters who have loads of time criticizing her

Lady Gaga has had to deal with a lot of controversy in the past including hurtful comments from body shamers who trolled her for showing off her mid-riff during the 2017 Super Bowl performance.

She clapped back at the trolls with a fiery statement that could basically put the naysayers to sleep at any time of the day.

The 32-year-old uploaded the circulating photo that had a moving caption wherein she explained that she is proud of her body and encouraged everyone else to feel the same way about their bodies, too.

This didn’t just silence the haters but also garnered Gaga even more supporters and she even became an inspiration to a lot of people dealing with the same kind of criticism.

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