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Ryan Reynolds Finds an Incredible Way to Shut Down Toxic Masculinity in New Cologne Ad

When we think about cologne commercials, we often picture impossibly handsome men driving luxurious cars and flaunting their impressive physique in designer suits (often in the shades of black and white).

For decades, advertisers have used gender stereotypes to target their audience, but now that feminism has taken a forefront in the entertainment industry, more and more actors are saying no to toxic masculinity.

Thanks to movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp, we’re now seeing a paradigm shift in an industry that has heavily favored men ever since its creation. New perfume campaigns run by luxury cologne brands are no longer playing by the age-old rulebook of masculinity.

Take Armani Code for example, which recently formed a partnership with Ryan Reynolds to become their newest brand ambassador.


As humbled he is by the opportunity to represent such a prestigious brand, the renowned actor revealed that he plans to use Armani Code’s platform to promote not just his own scent but also to break the stigma around toxic masculinity and nurturing self-care.

The New Masculinity

In Armani Code’s first commercial with Reynolds, the brand is promoting a brand new concept of masculinity that dismantles society’s skewed perception of what it’s like to be a man.

The Deadpool actor shares how most men struggle with fitting in the society’s description of masculinity which shuns the idea of emotions and vulnerability in males with the assertion that men should always put up a fierce front no matter how they feel on the inside.

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Growing up with his father who was a boxer and a policeman, Reynolds also struggled with this misconstrued concept of masculinity and bottling all his feelings up — due to the fear of being labeled as weak — to live up to the society’s expectations.

It wasn’t long before he realized that it’s okay to show your weakness or embrace your weird habits, or feminine side since it doesn’t make you less of a man. Since then, Reynolds just enjoys being himself, and he encourages other people to embrace equality and this new concept of masculinity.

His Evoking Scent

When asked what scent would best represent his new masculinity concept, Reynolds said that it had to be the scent of damp wood burning in a fireplace. Since he came from a middle-class family, he remembers how his father would chop woods and bring it to their house to keep them warm.

There’s something about the smell of burning wood that is so comforting to Reynolds, reminding him of a homey feeling. Not only did the burning lumber provide his family with the warmth they needed to get through cold winters, but Reynolds also felt that it genuinely brought his family closer.

Self-Care Ritual

Despite Reynolds’ massive fortune, the Deadpool actor sees luxury very differently now. According to him, the biggest luxury in life is sleep. However, he’s embarrassed to admit that he can’t always afford this luxury due to his hectic schedule.

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
Reynolds loves tucking his kids on their beds since it allows him to sleep early too.

Nevertheless, the actor makes sure to get at least eight hours of sleep every night to recuperate from physical and mental exhaustion. He also makes sure to exercise early in the morning and have a hearty and healthy breakfast with his wife and children.

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