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New Age Guru Deepak Chopra Says Practicing These Three Exercises Would Change Your Perception Of The World For The Better

Meditative journaling has been proven to have many benefits on the improvement of people’s mental health. The practice does this by helping an individual recognize their main triggers, manage their anxiety or depression, and become more aware of the surroundings.

However, similar to regular meditation, many people find it difficult to practice the helpful method and incorporate it into their daily routines. Fortunately, bestselling author and alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra has some tips to effectively help people get into the habit of meditative journaling and get their creative juices flowing.

He particularly recommends three exercises one can do each with its own action step and instruction for writing. Chopra suggests people to only focus on one of these every day.

Going Back to the Basics

After the exercise is done, one should write about their experience on their journal.

The first exercise gives an individual insight into ‘the everyday experience of reality’. This, Chopra says, begins perceptions including tastes, smells, textures, sounds, and colors. He also identifies waking up as the starting point of the exercise emphasizing how important it is to experience one’s life as it is. And life, for him, is a ‘flow of experiences’ beginning in the five senses people have.

He recommends finding a few moments to just sit and relax to appreciate the smells, lights, and warmth of the morning. Furthermore, he encourages people to simply observe to calm down their mental activities. In the end, waking up and observing one’s direct experiences will become effortless.

Sense of Reality


The second exercise involves a person widening their window into reality through each of their senses. As Chopra says, the senses of hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, and tasting can conspire to give an individual a ‘narrow bandwidth of reality’.

To expand one’s sense of awareness, the ‘Perfect Health‘ writer recommends people to put on sunglasses inside their home and observe how their sense of sight is further limited. Turning off the lights and navigating familiar rooms is also another suggestion. Doing the exercise would lead to a person expanding their awareness. The exercise ends with journaling about the experience.

Tune In to Other Living Things

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If there are no birds to be heard from the window, consider channeling a dog sniffing the air and activate your sense of smell instead.

Like people, other living things also have their own bandwidth of sensory experience. Chopra says that humans are capable of tuning into other bandwidths other than theirs at will. To practice this, he suggests seating by one’s bedroom window and listening to the singing of the birds outside. Notice how each of them has their own birdsong and communicates in different ways that people can’t really understand.

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