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All You Need to Know About a Heart-Healthy Diet

Heart diseases are the leading cause of death for people in America compared to the other causes, as revealed by the CDC. Usually, heart-related issues are genetic, and sometimes, they arise from unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Researches claim that eating unhealthy can put your heart at risk by an additional 45 percent. Healthy hearts are the key to a better life. Just by changing your dietary habits, you can protect yourself from heart problems and improve the quality of life.

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What is a Healthy-Heart Diet?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a heart-healthy diet is restrictive dieting but, that’s not the case at all. A heart-healthy diet isn’t what you leave out but rather about what you eat that has more nutritional value.

Your main goal for a heart-healthy diet should be to create healthy habits that benefit your health and protect you from diseases such as hypertension or high cholesterol. The best approach you can take for a better lifestyle is to pair up a healthy diet with exercise. This will strengthen your heart muscles and keep the inflammation away.

Is Fat Bad?

A misconception that is quite misleading is fat is unhealthy and must be avoided at all costs. Fat is a vital macronutrient that your body requires. The fat that you consume will provide your body with energy, thereby allowing you to carry out daily functions. However, an excess of anything can be harmful. Consuming too much saturated or trans-fat can lead to high levels of cholesterol, which can be dangerous for your health.

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Essentials for Heart-Healthy Diet

There are many aspects to a heart-healthy diet, but the most important is fiber.  Most Americans don’t even fulfill the daily required fiber quota, which is, ideally speaking, 14 grams for 1000 calories you intake. Fiber has the ability to decrease the cholesterol buildup in your arteries, lowering the risk of any heart-blockage. It can also regulate blood sugar, which reduces the chances of developing diabetes.

A heart-healthy diet must also definitely consist of sodium. This is a mineral that helps with maintaining the fluids in your body. However, increased intake of sodium can lead to problems such as swelling or high blood pressure. If not controlled, high blood pressure can pose a great threat to your heart as it forces the heart to work even harder to keep up with high pressure of blood. This significantly increases the chances of having a heart attack.

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A heart-healthy diet can be a bit technical but, it can be life-changing as well. It can protect from many other issues such as diabetes and obesity that are known to cause further medical problems.

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