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Lose Weight For Free With These Exercise Mobile Applications

Other people may not get this but losing weight is a much more expensive journey than constantly pigging out. This may sound silly for some because how can cutting one’s food intake be more expensive than buying food to eat? Well, there is one word for that and that is ORGANIC!

People who are in the middle of a weight loss journey get more particular on the food that they eat and that is why they usually choose organic produce. One additional burden to the budget will also go for the gym memberships and fees that we have to pay in order to get physically active. There are many ways to get physically active without paying that much. One alternative to gyms is outdoor exercises such as hiking and jogging. A more advanced option is installing free workout apps on our phones.

These applications will often give us a lot of options so we don’t get bored with our routines! The exercises are also designed by professionals so it’s surely safe and effective. All we need now are motivation and dedication to stick to our weight loss journey. Here are the best fitness apps that are as effective as an expensive gym membership.


Over 1.5 million people worldwide are using Sworkit

This app is a one-stop app for all those who are looking for a variety of routines to try. It has cardio, yoga, strength, and stretch workouts that range from 5-60 minutes. This is why it is one of the best fitness routines out there. It gives us a lot of options and it gives us the freedom on which area to work on. The application is free to download but subscription can vary, depending on the type of features that we want to have in this app.

Sworkit is also the only free fitness app that is closely patterned to the American College of Sports Medicine’s training guidelines.

500 Body Weight Challenge

The best thing about this app is it sets us goals to complete. It can be a time-goal or the number of sets and reps we have to do. This app focuses on core and strength exercises. The first sets of exercises may be easy, but the difficulty level progresses as we move along. The exercises in this app are also equipment-free, making it more inclusive of those who don’t own fitness equipment at home.

Nike + Training Club

This app is free to download on iOS and Androids but we have to pay a subscription fee for it. Discouraged about having to pay? Then let us convince health buffs out there why they shouldn’t. Nike + Training have a lot of features that are very convenient to its users. It has more than a hundred of workouts, ranging from core to cardio. It is also supported by AppleTV and AirPlay so we can watch the exercise from our televisions. This way, we can exercise together with friend or family. It also features video training and pep talk of some of the most famous celebrities and athletes like Serena Williams and Ellie Goulding.

The app features Serena William’s core power workout

If we choose to add the Nike + Run, the track records we have will be automatically get synchronized in the Nike + Train. This way, we can have a more extensive view of our fitness routine and status.


Freeletics is one of the most popular fitness apps right now with more than 4,000,000 “free athletes” worldwide. So why is it gaining popularity? It’s because of the sense of freedom that is being given by this app. Users are allowed to use the app anytime, anywhere, and the exercises being offered are specifically designed to one’s body weight. That means, the app will adjust its sets and reps basin on our records to avoid straining and overdoing the routines.

Freeletics’ most popular feature is the 15-week weight loss challengeThis app gives high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which is effective in supplementing with cardio for faster weight loss process. The app also offers holistic training that can last up to 15 weeks. The app is free but some of the features like getting a ‘Coach’ and ‘Nutrition’ need a subscription fee.

All the apps listed in this article can make wonders if we personally have the dedication to stick to our goals. It’s not about the exercise and the gym but our commitment to a healthier and better us.

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