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Getting Tired Too Soon? Try These Tricks To Survive Your Workout

The new year always brings new promises to be fit and healthy and we always fall into this cycle where we find ourselves feeling motivated to hit the gym, but as the days progress, our motivation dries down. This doesn’t have to be the case and there are simple tricks that can help us make 2018 our fitness year.

Experts have been studying how our bodies can withstand longer workout sessions. This is not a necessity when losing weight, but for athletes and bodybuilders, this is relevant. Lasting long in the gym can be due to many factors. For some, they last longer when they have the constant motivation, while others base the results of their gym session. Because whether we want to admit or not, we want to see results to still keep going.

Since working out is not a walk in the park, we can also benefit from these tips and gym hacks the next time we schedule a workout. The most important thing to remember is that we have to listen to our own body’s pace. But for everybody’s benefit, here are the guides to have a longer workout session.

Before going to the gym, we first need to find out which exercises fit us best.

 Get a partner

One way to enjoy gym is to get a gym buddy. We always want a constant motivation that a friend can provide. Though gym instructors can motivate us, having a more intimate motivation is still different. That is also the reason why class workouts and cross-fit work. It’s because of the positive, upbeat, and encouraging atmosphere. Peer pressure is also an effective factor to increase endurance.

 Keep moving but find time to rest

Want to last longer in the gym? Find a balance between resting and moving. This is a crucial part of every workout. It’s important to rest in between sets so that the body can have time to catch up with the heartbeat and breathing. But, too much resting can sabotage the workout. It can reduce our heart rate to the point where it can no longer burn enough fats for the session. It can also make the workout much longer but not at all effective.

Speaking of rest, it’s also important to take the day off very seriously. It’s not all workout that makes the body lose weight, but the recovery period. It’s when our bodies are repairing the muscles, making us stronger and fitter. So treat those day-offs as the way to weight loss.

 Don’t target areas simultaneously

This is a common mistake for the beginners. They tend to target all the areas of the body all at once. They want to target the glutes, legs, abs, and arms in one session. It may sound like a good idea, but it definitely is not. It’s best to focus on a single part of every session. This can speed up the process of building and toning muscles, and at the same time, we can see results faster than the simultaneous workout.


There is a new trend in the fitness world, and that is to mix cardio with High Intensive Training or HIIT. This can speed up the muscle building and lose weight in targeted areas. It’s advised to do HIIT three times every week. It can be pretty exhausting and intense, but the results are definitely worth it.

Mix cardio is an excellent choice for the beginners trying to lose weight.

 But also go slow

There are times to get intense but there is also a time to go light. Doing Yoga and Pilates are the best options for these mellow days.These exercises can help us with balance, flexibility, and breathing. This can also help the body regain and relax all the exhausted muscles while still moving.

When you want to take a break from a workout, pilates or yoga are great choices to continue losing weight.

 Assess the weak links

No matter how long people have been going to the gym, they will still have a weak point. Some hate doing legs, while other hate doing abs. This is a normal thing to experience but this should not be the reason to slow us down. When people experience weak links the first time they hit the gym, it’s important to give attention to it so our bodies can develop. This is so that we can still give our bodies longer time to adjust to these workouts, making the upcoming sessions more balanced.

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