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Did You Know These Mistakes Weaken Your Immune System?

Having a strong immunity is the most vital requirement these days. Covid-19 spread has forced everyone to cease ignorance of this aspect of the human body. But, at an individual level, how serious are we about our immunity?

It is common knowledge that our immune system acts as a defense against external harmful substances. A weak immune system, triggered by hormonal imbalances, can allow autoimmune diseases (which kill healthy cells instead of fighting against antigens) to attack the body. There can be several reasons behind hormonal imbalances like travel, change in diet, strenuous exercise, stress, etc.


Unsplash | A lot of factors adversely affect our immunity

Factors that hamper the human Immune System

Modern lifestyle has led to a few everyday habits that diminish their ability to withstand external germs:

Inadequate sleep

The first and foremost reason behind a lack of immunity is improper sleep. Competition around materialistic achievements has given rise to the issue of insufficient sleep. People focus more on their work and responsibilities and run the whole day to fulfill their desires. As a result, they ignore the dire need to relax.


Chronic stress destroys immunity, although it is generally a slow process. People who worry over petty things are usually more prone to diseases. The most common illnesses that hit them are flu and cold. Stress and anxiety produce the Cortisol hormone in the body that lowers immunity by killing white blood cells.

Lack of nutrition

In the earlier days, people used to have nutritious food regularly, and therefore, their resistance to diseases was incomparable. But the situation is opposite these days. People are more dependent on junk food without realizing that their bodies take longer to digest such products. As a result, immunity goes for a toss.

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Unsplash | Lack of nutrition and inadequate sleep are big-time immunity harmers

Scanty workout

Lesser or almost no physical exercise is a barrier to a robust immune system. The science behind the concept of a sedentary lifestyle is linked to the production of antibodies. Regular workouts amplify the fabrication of white blood cells, which act as antibodies and help the body to defend against infections. So skipping exercise can prove to be a nightmare.

Smoking and drinking wreck immunity

Habits like smoking and drinking may hamper the immune system’s response, destroy the functioning of a few internal organs, and lead to an unhealthy body. Therefore, chances to catch infections increase.

Digital vs. natural environment

When you are digitally occupied for the whole day, your body tends to be exhausted. This leads to fewer chances for relaxation. Research proves that if you don’t spend time with nature and instead surround yourself with digital devices, you may land up with a weaker immune system.


Unsplash | To boost immunity, we should spend lesser digital time and attach more to nature

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Final words

Finally, evaluate your everyday habits and lifestyle and ask yourself if you are following any of the ill-practices mentioned above. If you are, bear in mind that your immunity may be at risk, and consequently, so are you.

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