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Kelly Rowland Fangirls over Jennifer Lopez, And the Reason Isn’t What We Expected!

Jennifer Lopez has one of the most enviable bodies in the entertainment industry. It’s not an exaggeration that even at 50, she doesn’t look a day older than 30. Wouldn’t you want to look like her when you’re 50? Well, if you do, you’re not alone.

It’s not only average health fanatics and fans who find J. Lo’s physique astonishing. In fact, even celebrities are in awe of her ethereal beauty, and many try to emulate her health and fitness routines in hopes of looking like her one day. One of them is Kelly Rowland, a former Destiny’s Child member who rocks a toned body as well.

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Kelly Rowland regards Jennifer Lopez as an inspiration

‘Killer Body’

The 38-year-old singer is a self-proclaimed fan of Jennifer, even going as far as to say that she looks up to her for her impressive dedication to fitness.

Kelly described her idol, who frequently posts hers and fiance Alex Rodriguez’s workout routines on social media, as her motivation. Kells went on to say that the Love Don’t Cost a Thing hitmaker’s body is “killer” — and honestly, we all agree.

Perhaps, The Voice Australia coach is speaking on behalf of J Lo’s fans, who are also in awe of what the singer is capable of. Besides Lopez, Kelly has other reasons to stay active. Her late mother Doris Rowland Garrison died of cardiac arrest in 2014, a loss that had a profound effect on Kelly.

Ever since, she made a promise to herself to take care of her health by eating right and changing her lifestyle habits because these were the things she wished her mom would have practiced more, too.

Strengthening the Body

The vow wasn’t just for her, it was also for her family — especially her son Titan — and kudos to her for keeping her promise. Apart from keeping herself physically healthy in order to take care of her loved ones, Kelly also works out to strengthen her body against aging especially after years of performing.

Kelly Rowland was part of Destiny’s Child

Kelly was a part of the ’90s group Destiny’s Child, which included Beyonce and Michelle Williams, and the extensive years of being onstage have taken a toll on her, so she resorts to working out as a way to get a stronger physique.

She also recently teamed up with Honey Nut Cheerios for their Happy Hearts campaign because she connects with the brand’s commitment to encourage everyone to care about their hearts.

The artist keeps her heart healthy by rollerskating and walking. Kelly also does both low and high-intensity workouts.

As for her diet, it’s what she finds tricky because she loves food and it’s hard for her to hold back. To keep her nutrition in check, she tries to eat in moderation and stick to foods that suit her body.

She also drinks plenty of water. Furthermore, she highlights the importance of taking care of your body holistically, especially since we are not getting any younger.

J Lo’s Secret

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Jennifer Lopez always works out

Meanwhile, J. Lo just turned a year older on July 24 and clearly, there’s no slowing her down. So, what’s her secret? She doesn’t skip a workout, which obviously doesn’t resound with most of our ideals.

The I’m Real singer said that rule doesn’t even exclude busy days when she has been working till late. Heck, the fitness addict even exercises on her birthday! Now that’s some dedication.

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