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Katie Maloney-Schwartz Pens ‘Important’ Message About Positive Body Image

Katie Maloney- Schwartz is the true body-positive hero we all could use to motivate us in our lives. The 35 years old actor has been very candid about her body image and the struggles she has been dealing with to her loyal fans, and honestly, that’s the inspiration we all could use. 

The season “Vanderpump rules” is an American Reality television series, also known as “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” in which Katie Maloney grew into her nickname “Tequila Katie”.

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Katie has always been candid about her past and her experiences 

The star actress of the show has been a victim of fat-shaming just like other people. In the previous reality show season, Lisa Vanderpum’s event planner Kevin Lee called out Katie over her weight on live tv! Earlier in the season, Maloney revealed her abortion with her husband Tom Schwartz early in their relationship.

Her story touched many fans, and she received back many heartwarming messages and gratitudes for her transparency. This gave many people to open up about their own stories and experiences. Since then, Maloney has been proud to contribute to the cultural conversations around females and their bodily autonomy. 

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Since season one, Maloney has been part of the reality show but never had it easy like her co-stars. She has been working on her relationship with her husband Tom Schwartz and rekindling her friendships with some co-stars, even after being called out with names and being fat-shamed more than once in the show. The most recent fat-shaming incident was when her husband posted an adorable photo of them on New Year’s Eve. But soon after the picture went viral, the fans started the pregnancy rumors even though Katie never confirmed her pregnancy and had shared her previous sensitivity on this topic. 

The recent incident on body shaming

In another recent post shared by her co-star Raquel Leviss, on her Instagram story, she shared a photo of Katie from her engagement party,  wishing her a happy birthday. That photo received a lot of criticism in the comments, and people started trolling her, saying that her picture was “unflattering” and that she should be angry with her co-star.

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Katie confirmed that she went through a rough time when she wouldn’t let anyone take her picture because of the constant negative feedback she received from the people around her, and it had left her mentally upset and self-conscious.

Instead, Katie told the audience that she was genuinely happy in the picture and she wasn’t ashamed about her body after her rough past. She had finally found her way to let her dresses fit on her body rather than letting her body fit into the dresses. She wanted to spread body positivity and wanted her audience to accept their flaws and imperfections, be kind to others and everyone around, and avoid self-hate and criticism. 

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