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What Katelyn Ohashi Needs You to Know About Her Rare Skin Condition

It’s not common for famous celebrities to open up about their health struggles. Most of them suffer in secret because they fear that speaking up about their troubles will expose them to public scrutiny.

That’s why those who do confess, inspire a lot of people, especially those who are going through the same journey. Somehow, it makes them feel that they’re not alone and that even big names are not immune to life’s hurdles.

Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi recently opened up about a rare skin condition she’s currently battling and it stirred a conversation on a topic that is not so familiar to many.

Katelyn Ohashi’s Admission

The UCLA grad, who is famous for her floor routine during the Under Armour Collegiate Challenge that went viral, looks nothing less than flawless.

If you’ve watched her performance, which earned her a perfect score of 10, you’ll assume that her life is perfect. Her impeccable show may be the reason for her newfound popularity but that doesn’t mean she’s not being real about herself.

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Katelyn Ohashi is famous for garnering a perfect 10 for her floor routine

The 22-year-old recently bared her struggles in an interview with ESPN for the 2019 Body Issue which showcased bold photos of the gymnast proudly showing circular marks around her body.

The six-time All-American revealed that she suffers from granuloma annulare, a rare skin condition that’s responsible for the bumps covering her body. Katelyn explained that some of these marks look like bruises and others look like perfect circles. The athlete admitted she isn’t usually bothered by these, but people kept on asking about it.

But being proud and open about the condition wasn’t always the case for her. Katelyn used to be embarrassed about her condition, so much so that she avoided being photographed in a  swimsuit and wore clothing that hid the marks on her body.

Now, she’s singing a different tune because she wants to spread awareness about the condition and inspire others who are dealing with a similar ordeal.

Some theories say granuloma annulare is caused by thyroid disease

Granuloma Annulare

It’s safe to assume that most of you haven’t heard about granuloma annulare and that’s because it’s quite uncommon among women. The National Organization for Rare Disorders describes the condition as a “chronic degenerative skin disorder” that causes ring-shaped yellow or red bumps.

Although it isn’t clear what exactly causes it, some dermatologists say it’s brought on by thyroid disease, trauma, sun exposure, viral infections, and tuberculosis.

There are two types granuloma annulare: the most common one is localized GA wherein the rashes appear on hands, feet, and forearms, whereas the generalized GA usually causes bigger, raised bumps on other parts of the body mostly located on the torso and trunk.

Mount Sinai Hospital Dr. Gary Goldenberg elaborated that patients usually have small bumps, but diabetics have their bodies surrounded by these circular lesions.


People who suffer from this condition have red, itchy lesions on their body


These rashes may or may not be itchy and can disappear on their own without any treatment. However, they often come back most of the time, which can be annoying and even embarrassing. Those who do want to treat granuloma annulare can opt for topical creams and steroid injections.

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