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Jessica Simpson Is Making Some Serious Lifestyle Changes After Giving Birth

Having a baby can be both a blessing and a curse for most mums, and celebrities are no exception to this. While motherhood is undoubtedly one of the most precious joys of life, more and more women are coming forward to admit that they’ve suffered from postpartum depression after birth, which has seriously affected their mental health.

There’s no doubt that pregnancy can take a toll on a woman’s body in so many different ways. Apart from experiencing weight gain, new mums also go through immense shock from having to take care of their newborn. The abrupt change in lifestyle can get overwhelming and they often start questioning if they’re or they’re really capable of taking care of their child.

Postpartum can be challenging for most women, especially for first-timers. However, Jessica Simpson is no stranger to motherhood. The actress had two kids already when she gave birth once again last month. But she’s learning to embrace motherhood instead of dwelling on depression.

The Interview

Two months after Simpson gave birth to her daughter, Birdie Mae, the actress reveals she’s now going back to her workout routine. Despite her busy schedules in jiggling between taking care of her children and managing her newly relaunched website, Jessica still finds some time to do her postpartum workout.

Simpson says she focuses on making herself healthy for her children, rather than losing weight solely.

Simpson shared a photo of herself on Instagram recently, wearing an oversized sweatshirt, sneakers, and leggings as she attempted to bend over and touch her toes. In the caption, she wrote how she’s stretching on her rubber corset to warm up for a jogging session. She also mentioned how her new workout routine is one of the perks of not being pregnant, at last.

The Announcement

Simpson and her husband welcomed their daughter in March and they were quick to share the news with their fans by posting a photo of themselves with all of their kids.

Jessica Simpson welcomed their "perfect daughter" and named her Birdie Mae.

Jessica Simpson welcomed their “perfect daughter” and named her Birdie Mae

Since then, the actress’ Instagram account has been awash with pictures of her adorable baby daughter. Last weekend, she even labeled her Sunday a “Birdie Mae Sunday” as she spent the day bonding with her daughter.

The Challenge

Simpson also admitted how the past seven weeks was both gratifying and challenging for her. According to the actress, being a mother of three kids isn’t easy. She needs to make sure all her children get equal attention.

Simpson and Johnson were thankful to God for giving them a perfect daughter, and they couldn't wait to create beautiful memories with her.

Simpson and Johnson are thankful for their new daughter, and they can’t wait to create beautiful memories with her

Simpson makes sure to soak up every moment she gets to spend with her kids. She and her husband also attend to their kids’ needs and celebrate every milestone in their family life.  

Handling the Chaotic Life

When asked how Simpson dealt with her chaotic schedule as well as take care of two children and a newborn baby, the actress says that she didn’t exactly have a plan after third pregnancy; she simply goes with the flow and embrace the challenges head-on. For example, there was one time when all of her kids were crying at the same time so she joined in and started crying too!  

No matter how difficult it is, Simpson is enjoying every moment of motherhood. According to her, she isn’t too focused on losing weight right now (although she’s getting there slowly). She’s more focused on her health to make sure her newborn receives the nutrients she needs.

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