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Here’s Why You Have Such A Tough Time Doing What’s Good For You

In times when you’re attacked by feelings of anxiety, depression, or stress, getting back on track is difficult. To pull yourself out of that rut, you may reach out to friends, family, or even your therapist. Over the years, you’ve learned what works for you.

You know that taking up healthier habits – going outside, calling your friends, disconnecting from toxic people, getting exercising, maintaining a healthy diet – can significantly improve your situation. But at the end of the day, everyone knows it’s easier said than done.

Pexels | Sometimes even opening up to loved ones does no good

But, did you know that there’s a good reason for you not being able to follow healthier practices?

Intrigued? Keep on reading.

Here’s Why You Can’t Fix Your Ways:

1. You’re Comfortable

More often than not, you come across people in extremely unhappy situations unable to break free and mend their lives. These people will spend days on end avoiding their situation instead of trying to fix it.

For example, if someone is stuck in an unhappy marriage, close people often wonder why they don’t “just leave”. They might not be attached to their significant other, may not trust them, and might even not love them – but, they continue to stay because it is easy to stay in accustomed situations even if you’re not happy.

Pexels | Breaking old habits is easier said than done

2. You’re Scared of Failure

No one wants to fail – but for most people, the fear can be crippling. You may think about pursuing something wholeheartedly. You may think about it a lot, talk about it a lot, but when the time to take action comes, you find yourself paralyzed. This paralysis then keeps you standing at the starting line for what might end up being forever. You might keep feeling like your goal is miles away but the reality is that you’re stuck rooted in one spot.

3. You Feel You Don’t Deserve It

Here’s the thing: the culture you live in often inundates very toxic and unhealthy messages. The society around you values long working hours and endless productivity, no matter the toll it may take on your physical and mental health.

Breaking out of that thought process and unlearning these harmful narratives is very necessary to break out of your rut. Instead of refraining from taking the break you need because you think you don’t deserve it, cut yourself some slack and take the time you need.

Pexels | When you feel you need to take a break, you take that break

Wrapping It Up

Even when you know the right thing to do, it isn’t always easy to choose things that are good for you. But, if you delve deeper to explore the reason behind your being stuck, it can act as the first (and perhaps most vital) step in the right direction.

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