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Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Exercise

Has anyone mentioned to you that a thinner, healthier and a better life is within your reach? You could perhaps believe it is too good to be true. However, research has proven time, and again that exercise is the perfect remedy for an improved quality of life.

Not only does exercise improve your IQ but it also helps in weight loss and reduces several chronic conditions and diseases. It is essential that you find activities that are enjoyable and can become part of your daily routine. That is the key to having a long and healthy life.

The list of benefits of working out is impressive, and the requirements are pretty simple. You just need to be determined to work out regularly.

Given below are some compelling reasons for you to exercise.

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Researchers have confirmed that working out regardless of your age is beneficial.  The benefits increase with the extra amount of working out you do. Everyone needs an hour of exercise every day, but it does not mean that you need to work out an hour in one go. The hour can be made up of several bursts of shorter periods throughout the day.

Physical activity is an essential part of every weight-loss program and can help in maximizing your fat loss while retaining a good muscle mass. Exercise also has many other health benefits as it can prevent or improve the following conditions.

Heart Disease

Regular exercise strengthens the muscles of the heart. It also lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol in your body. At the same time, it can increase good cholesterol, enhance blood flow, and help the heart to function efficiently. These benefits will reduce the risk of strokes, heart disease, and hypertension.

Type II Diabetes

Type II diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate. Numerous American citizens presently suffer from this condition. Physical activity can enhance weight loss and help to prevent or control this condition. Research has confirmed that walking briskly for an hour a day can reduce the risk of type II diabetes by 34%.

Exercise And A Healthy Diet

By itself, exercise can only produce modest weight loss. However, when it is combined with a reduced calorie diet, the effects improve significantly. Research has confirmed that people who exercised regularly and had a healthy and a modest calorie diet not only lost weight but also improved cardiorespiratory fitness. This is regardless of the intensity of their workouts.

Why Are Americans Resistant To Exercise?

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Despite the confirmation that exercise is good for us, Americans seem to show a marked dislike for this activity. Approximately 64% men and 72% women do not include exercise within their daily routine. Presently, Americans are not any active than they were ten years ago.

One is not required to spend large sums of money when they decide to exercise regularly. They just need to understand that getting some exercise is beneficial than getting none. People can decide to walk their dog, use a lawnmower or shovel snow, minimize the use of their car or get involved in sports like tennis or any other sport which they enjoy.

People who are tempted to skip exercising should remember the health benefits that will come their way. If you are not interested in working out rigorously, you can decide to walk around the neighborhood because it would be just as effective. This is a beneficial opportunity that must not be overlooked because it can only give you huge benefits.

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