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Here Are Some Foods You Should Throw Out Immediately If You Have Diabetes

Having diabetes can be challenging. You are suddenly hit with so many restrictions and you feel like you can no longer enjoy life but, the good thing about diabetes is that it is manageable. There are so many companies that make sugar-free alternatives, making it easier to make healthy choices when it comes to eating. According to the CDC, around 34.2 million American citizens suffer from diabetes and 88 million happen to be pre-diabetic, which means that they are on the brink of developing on-set diabetes.

Pexels | With this statistic, you should know that it is a very common illness

Luckily, with the help of a good lifestyle and eating habits, you can get it under control in no time. It is highly important for diabetic patients to keep track of what they eat since uncontrolled diabetes can lead to several dangerous complications which include loss of vision, kidney diseases, and heart disease.

The doctors may have recommended certain items and asked you to include them in your daily eating habits, but what are the things that you should avoid entirely? This list is going to provide you with some foods that you must avoid at all costs if you have diabetes.

1. Sodas and Carbonated Drinks

Who doesn’t love a cold can of soft drink after a hot summer day? Everyone does, but unfortunately, these drinks are loaded with sugar. However, you can replace them with the zero sugar or zero-calorie alternative to enjoy a drink without worrying about the sugar content.

Pexels | One 345ml can holds up to 38.5 gms of sugar

2. Trans Fat

Trans fats are unsaturated fats that can negatively affect your body since they are linked to insulin resistance, inflammation, and weight gain. You can find trans-fat in daily items like processed foods, margarine, peanut butter, and baked and packaged goods. To note trans fat in a certain item, simply read the nutrition level on the package.

3. White Bread, Pasta, and Rice

The only problem with these products is that they are high in carbohydrates which isn’t encouraged in a diabetes-friendly diet. They also contribute to increasing the blood glucose levels and worst of all, they come with little to no fiber, which is extremely important for a diabetic patient.

Pexels | This is why doctors recommend eating products made from whole wheat that are rich in fiber

These are the three main foods that are commonly found in everyone’s household but can be quite dangerous for some with diabetes. So please, take good care of your health, and enjoy life while eating tons of other healthy and delicious options available.

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