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Feeling Under The Weather? Avoid These Foods & Beverages At All Costs If You Want to Bounce Back Fast

Being sick would surely dampen anyone’s appetite. But it’s important to know that the food one eats or doesn’t eat while sick can affect their condition and recovery time dramatically. Just as there are certain kinds of food or beverages that people are recommended to consume to get better, there’s also a list of ones that should be avoided. Here are some of them.

A Cup of Coffee

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Drinking coffee can also worsen symptoms of diarrhea as the caffeine in it may trigger some muscles in the digestive tract.

People are advised to skip on their daily dose of coffee when they’re feeling under the weather, especially if they’ve caught a stomach bug. Since its caffeine content makes the drink a diuretic, downing it while sick might only dehydrate a person and make them feel even worse.

This scenario is especially bad for those who might be down with an infection or virus as keeping hydrated is important in helping the immune system fight back.

Sweet Treats

Sweets are another food group people should refrain from eating when sick. The sugar content of foods like cereal, cookies, and candy reportedly suppresses the body’s white blood cells and their ability to resist bacteria. In fact, experts say that the immune system is weaker hours after a person finishes snacking on sweet treats, especially those made with refined sugar.

Alcoholic Drinks

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It’s better to pass on your friends’ invites to go out for drinks while you’re under the weather.

Similar to coffee, alcohol is also a diuretic, so drinking it while sick might just dehydrate one more. What more, sick people, who tend to be already dehydrated anyway, would also experience a faster rise in their blood alcohol content when they drink.

In the end, this would make them feel drunker faster. There’s also the fact that some medications may react badly when mixed with certain alcoholic drinks.

Crunchy Snacks

Having a sore throat thanks to a cold or a cough is uncomfortable enough as it is. Don’t cause further irritation in the area by eating snacks with abrasive textures. This includes anything from potato chips to granola bars and even toasted bread as they might just feel like sandpaper on one’s throat.

What more, causing further irritation might prolong the time one needs to fully heal from an illness.

Spicy Dishes

Skip out on your favorite spicy dishes like curry to avoid worsening a runny nose.

Those who are already dealing with a runny nose are recommended to refrain from eating spicy foods as it would only worsen their condition. Hot sauces and chili peppers contain a compound called capsaicin, which is the culprit behind the irritation of the nasal passage. On the other hand, people who have a stuffed nose might actually find relief by eating something spicy.

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