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Exercising Postpartum: The Essential Things All New Mothers Should Know Before Trying to Drop Their Pregnancy Weight

Welcoming a baby can take a toll on a woman’s emotional and physical well-being. After the hard labors of childbirth, a mom is now faced with a slew of new responsibilities ‘round the clock. And amidst all these is the pressure and desire to shed off the pounds of baby weight that’s piled on over the nine months fast.

But is it really advisable for new mothers to immediately start exercising again? What preventive measures should be taken before they hit the gym? Read on and find all the answers.

Getting the Go Signal

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Don’t be pressured into thinking that your priority should be losing the baby pounds immediately

Whether one gave birth via a natural delivery or a C-section, all women are advised to check with their doctors first before starting an exercise program postpartum. As OB/GYN Dr. Jessica Shepherd explains, the pelvis goes through numerous changes during pregnancy and mothers should choose to recover first to avoid any complications that may have occurred during the delivery.

Aside from getting the go signal from a doctor, women should also get the professional advice of a trainer as well. This means booking a one on one session with the trainer to get a fitness assessment as well as determine where one is in their recovery process. From here, one can jump off to consult the trainer to create a plan that could balance fitness goals with a mother’s well-being.

Start Slow First

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Walking is a fantastic low impact exercise that new mothers are recommended to stick to.

After getting approval from a doctor, go for low impact physical activities in the beginning. Experts recommend women to give their still vulnerable bodies to get used to the exercises they’re doing. Don’t be surprised to find out that one doesn’t have the same endurance they did before becoming pregnant and giving birth. Instead, try and listen to the body and its response to the reintroduction of physical activity.

This said women are advised to immediately stop when they notice any pain or discomfort and consult with a doctor again. Shepherd clarifies that the kind of pain one should be concerned of those acute and sharp pangs located in the lower back.

Set Realistic Goals

Whether the activity is cycling or swimming, the goal is to workout at an effort level of 5 to 7 with 10 being the most intense

As per the recommendations of the Department of Health and Human Services, women who have just given birth should get at least two and a half hours of any aerobic activity kept at a moderate level of intensity. However, it’s still important to remind new moms not to psyche themselves out and be realistic with their personal fitness goals. What more, it’s worth noting that one’s body may never return to the exact same way it was before pregnancy and childbirth, which is totally okay.

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