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The Devastating Thing Nobody Tells New Moms About Post-Partum Life

Women go through a lot of struggles during their journey to be mothers. While pregnancy poses its own risks and challenges, life after giving birth may even be harder for some new mothers. One difficulty that not many people talk about is the temporary hair loss that many women suffer from.

Fortunately, the issue has recently been brought to a wider audience thanks to a post by social media influencer and new mother Jeannette Ogden.

Getting Honest

The influencer shared about her experience on her Instagram, where her post has gotten over 27,000 likes

Ogden shared a closeup picture of herself with her newborn baby. In the caption, she talked about her challenging experience with extreme hair loss. Although she wasn’t sure at first about sharing the photo but decided to push through because she doesn’t want to feel ashamed of her thinning hair anymore.

In fact, she now trying to actually change her negative perception of her situation. The influencer also revealed that she was first inspired to finally speak out after being tagged by another mom on a story about hair loss.

What more, she made a statement about showing a variation of beauty amidst the specific kind of beauty that might be promoted on social media and society in general. Ogden shows that a girl who’s losing her hair, like her, can still be happy. She also called attention to people who may be suffering from hair loss because of serious medical conditions.

Hair Loss & Pregnancy

Hair can also grow significantly faster during pregnancy

Ogden’s message may have resonated with a lot of other women going through the same thing. According to Dr. Gary Goldenberg of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, postpartum hair loss is not at all rare.

In fact, it usually happens in connection with other changes or health conditions like after extreme weight loss, severe stress or major surgery. It’s also worth noting that, on average, people lose about 100 strands of their hair in a day and that this is nothing to worry about.

Post-partum hair loss may be caused by the high hormone levels that women experience when they’re pregnant. Thus, they may notice more shedding than normal noticeable in the strands of hair left on their tub or hairbrush. One can even see loss even by just running their hands through their locks, which can add further distress to a woman.

The Good News

Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock
Women can expect their hair to go back to normal once by the time their kid turns one year old.

The good news is that this hair loss is only temporary. In the meantime, new moms who want to give their locks a boost are recommended to use volume-adding products. Another tip is to only put conditioner on the end of strands to avoid further weighing down thinning hair. Meanwhile, Dr. Goldenberg suggests taking a supplement or vitamin with vitamin B and biotin to promote hair growth.

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