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Demi Lovato Claps Back Against Body Shamers With a POWERFUL Message

Demi Lovato recently took to social media to voice her frustration over body-shaming and defended herself against magazines and headlines commenting on her weight and seemingly “fuller figure.” According to her, these headlines shouldn’t work so hard to scrutinize her appearance nor of any other person, based on their shape or size. Lovato encourages everyone to think beyond their weight and defend themselves against haters and body shaming. She also promotes body acceptance and upgrading women’s worth by looking beyond their appearance.

The Defense

Recently, Demi Lovato stumbled on a headline stating how she appeared to gain a “fuller figure” after apparently working a sweat in LA. While Lovato admitted that these headlines did not really trigger her before, she is more than angered by the people hiding behind the screens who make derogatory remarks about her – especially when it comes to her body. 

The famous songstress encourages everyone not to be heavily influenced by the diet culture.

The 26-year-old singer says she’s more than her weight and her physical appearance. She also implored others to be more compassionate towards each other because no one knows what struggles someone else is facing in their personal life and how comments like these can affect their mental health.

Lovato has been extremely open about the struggles she endured to overcome an eating disorder. She recently started developing a healthy relationship with food which is why she has put on weight. The singer couldn’t help but feel a bit of disappointment in the press for publishing such debilitating comment that could potentially harm all the progress she has made to overcome her sickness.

On Fighting Against Body Shaming

Lovato says that most people get trapped in the diet culture that is currently sweeping the industry and try to lose weight or attain their ideal figure based the society’s definition of beauty. She also thinks these writers who published articles commenting about celebrities’ figures do nothing but promote negatively that poisons the minds of young girls.

Millions of Lovato’s fans lauded the renowned singer for speaking up about body shaming on behalf of them.

While some people may mean well when they expressed concern about their loved one’s health, Lovato says they may end up bullying them unknowingly if they try to force people like her to adopt the diet culture. Lovato reiterates her worth as a woman is more than a number on the scale. She also motivates her fans to keep going, follow their hearts and stop comparing themselves to others.

The Apology

Lovato’s defense caused an uproar on social media, and it certainly got the publisher’s attention. According to the actress, the writer reached out to her to apologize for the insensitive content.

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Lovato also reminds her fans no to bash on negative articles like this. Instead, she encourages to confront issues calmly.

While she accepted his apology wholeheartedly, she suggests for him to write about what he learned from this experience rather than taking down the article. Instead of speaking ill of someone, Lovato insisted we should spread love and compassion, and support each other no matter what our body type.

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