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How To Deal With Unintended Pregnancy

Many couples who already indulge in intimate actions will always have a cloud over their head of an unintended pregnancy. This can happen even if precautions are being done. No matter how old a woman is, pregnancy is always something that they can never be truly ready for. Some find it overwhelming once the pregnancy test starts to show two lines. For some, they consider it as a blessing, while others are not as enthusiastic.
Ladies aged 15-19 years old, 4 out 5 pregnancies are unwanted

Pregnancy is a very delicate process. A lot of attention should be given to both the mother and the baby she is carrying. It means more work for people who are not planning it at all. But because our society has become more tolerant, pregnancy, intended or not, out of wedlock or not, can have all the medical attention they need. It can be overwhelming, yes, but there are many ways that will help women prepare for this demanding role.

Schedule a doctor’s appointment

So it says positive after peeing the stick. Now is the time to consult a professional with regards to the pregnancy. Going to the doctor right after finding out the result should be anyone’s priority. It will let the mother know how long she is pregnant and will estimate the age of the unborn child. This is also the time where the OB-Gyne will educate the mother on the things and foods that should be avoided. The first trimester is the most crucial stage so the mother should know anything that needs to be done.

Health insurance

Pregnancy is an expensive endeavor. All those monthly check-ups, regulated diet, supplements, and ultrasounds are not going to be easy on the bank. The mother or the couple should be aware of the health insurance they are currently enrolled at will cover labor and prenatal check-ups. If it does, then, they should ask how to claim it to have a smoother pregnancy.

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Make sure to always consult professionals in terms of diet and physical activities during pregnancy

Pregnancy again is very expensive so better start pulling threads as early as possible.

Save more

Even if the health insurance will cover the medical expenses, there are still many things that a mom should be preparing for. That includes baby stuff and food. Formulas, car seat, cribs, and baby clothes can eat a huge chunk of our salary that is why it’s very important to save.

Lose the unnecessary things, like movie tickets and expensive spa sessions. Better just put it to good use someday.

Pregnancy hormones

Aside from a growing bump, an unstable emotion is also very noticeable in pregnant women. They can be easily angered, hurt, or sad. But a woman must know that the pregnancy hormones will heighten emotion and that is nothing to be guilty about.

For partners, they have to be more patient and understanding to the future mother of their child. It’s not easy carrying ourselves, let alone having a dependent one growing inside the belly. Expect some drastic changes.

Find support

A lot of support groups are available both for married mothers and single mothers. Finding support from women who go through the same process will be more comforting than hearing it from friends who have never experienced pregnancy. Finding support is something that a woman should never feel ashamed of.

Joining support groups can have a huge emotional impact on the mother

For pregnant women who are bed-ridden, the internet can be a wonderful place. A lot of virtual support groups also exist.

Enjoy every moment of it

It can be difficult to enjoy something that is not part of the plan but sulking to the unintended pregnancy will only do harm than good. The earlier parents accept their situation, the faster they can adjust to the whole thing. Shopping for baby clothes can be a new, blissful ride. Feeling that first kick and hearing the first heartbeat can become so magical. Pregnancy wanted or not, can change a woman’s life forever.

It is undeniable that pregnancy will transform a woman, both physically and emotionally. The miracle of life is very deep to fathom, making the mother-child bond so hard to break. Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience if we allow ourselves to see it that way.

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