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Crazy About Nuts? Here Are Some Nuts to Incorporate to Your Diet Today

It’s a ‘nuts’ world out here, and what better way to face its adversities than by eating some of the healthiest nuts around! If our plan is to live longer, then nuts can play a fundamental role in our diet.

Indeed, at the realm of the nuts world are almonds. They’ve been getting plenty of love recently, and we bet there’s a packet of almonds somewhere in one of our purses or backpacks!
Nevertheless, that means we shouldn’t ignore some of the other nuts that are out there. In fact, it would be great if we could mix it up once in a while, right?

Evidently, nuts have some of the highest protein content around. Let’s also not forget that they are packed with magnesium, healthy fats and fiber that keep you satiated for longer periods of time. Which is fantastic especially if we are dieting!

Keeping this in mind, here are some of the healthiest nuts around that we can put in rotation!

Brazil nuts

According to R.D Kelly R. Jones, Brazil nuts are stacked with selenium, which is an essential mineral in the process of thyroid hormone production. As you know, thyroid hormone is vital to protecting us against cancer thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Additionally, these nuts are great for our nails as well as improving the texture of our hair.

One study even demonstrated that consuming Brazil nuts improved blood cholesterol after 9 hours of consumption!

That being said, we should know that these nuts are pretty big. So it’s best to eat at least three a day to capitalize on its investments.

Krzysztof Slusarczyk/Shutterstock
Nuts are one of the most common sources of healthy fats in our diet


According to Jones, cashews are great in that they have a lot of iron in comparison to other nuts.

Indeed, cashews can prove to be beneficial on a large scale primarily because of their iron content, which would beneficial against iron deficiency, which is the largest deficiency we suffer from.

Moreover, cashews have a creamy texture which makes them a reliable replacement for dairy.

Macadamia Nuts

R.D Maggie Michalczyk encourages the consumption of Macadamia nuts because they have a high concentration of thiamin, as well as a healthy concentration of monounsaturated fats (similar to the ones found in olive oil and avocados).

That being said, many individuals underestimate the health benefits and unfortunately, associate them as sweets.

Michalczyk adds that perhaps the most notable benefit of macadamia nuts is that they are known for their scrumptious flavor coating in the likes of fish and chicken.

margouillat photo/Shutterstock
We should diversify our nuts consumption for a healthier diet


Interestingly, peanuts are scientifically not nuts, but part of the leguminous family.

That being said, they are a great source of protein and provide a myriad of minerals and vitamins such as phosphorous and magnesium.

Indeed, we can reap a number of benefits by eating peanut products such as peanut butter.

That being said, Michalczyk advises against over-indulging, stating that peanuts pack a punch in the calorie department. Hence, it would be advisable to consume it with moderation.


According to Michalczyk, pistachios are beneficial thanks to their effective antioxidant property as well as their high nutritional content.

Indeed, these nuts have the highest concentration of zeaxanthin and lutein, which play an essential role in eye health improvement.

Additionally, Michalczyk adds that there has been behavioral research to show that the time it takes you to de-shell pistachios reduces the chances of you binging.

Nuts are beneficial especially during weight loss as they make us feel fuller and less likely to binge


Who doesn’t love the walnut? Turns out it could super-beneficial for us primarily because it contains a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids which is vital in the reduction of heart disease.

That being said, they have a high caloric measure as compared to other nuts. However, the type of fat is healthy and the kind that our bodies require.

Indeed, consuming walnuts makes us stay fuller for longer periods of time, making us less likely to binge.


Michalczyk says that pecans are one of the most vital vitamin E dietary sources around. Indeed, they are a great source of thiamin, which plays a critical role when it comes to energy metabolism. One can find thiamin in veggie sides, soups, oatmeal and yogurt. Moreover, they bloom during fall and can be included in just about any kind of food that we consume as flavoring.

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