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Some Countries are announcing Re-opening of Facilities like Swimming pools, but Are They Safe?

Coronavirus has been ruling over the world for a few months now. When strict lockdowns were in place, the authorities had issued explicit instructions to shut all public places like restaurants, pubs, and even facilities like sports clubs, swimming centers, etc. These were among the various preventive measures all countries were, and still are, taking to fight the deadly global pandemic.

However, with information about England opening the doors to pool facilities from July 25th circulating in the media, there is a dilemma in every mind about safety.


Pixabay | With facilities like swimming pools starting to open, people are worried about Coronavirus safety

Let’s learn what experts have to say about aquatic venues.

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What experts say

According to medical practitioners, no evidence suggests that Coronavirus can or cannot be spread through water. However, several safe practices can protect you from the disease.

Public aquatic venues are mainly operated and managed by city or county governments, apartment complexes, membership clubs, gyms, schools, water parks, and homeowners’ associations. These units need to be extra cautious when the facilities re-open for public use. Here are a few pointers to be noted:

  • The lockdown easing measures are essential to be printed and posted everywhere on the premises to create awareness among people.
  • Maintaining social distance while the swimming pools are up-and-running is a challenging task. Still, people need to understand the necessity and follow the practice.

Pixabay | Social distance should be maintained even when people are swimming

  • Authorities have to ensure that there is a booking/reservation procedure and timetable established for the swimmers to maintain a limited number of people inside the premises at a single time.
  • They should also ensure that the premises are regularly disinfected and cleaned for the next use.
  • As per government rules, indoor pools are not going to open for a longer time than open pools, so people also need to be careful.
  • Pool management should also discontinue group games like water volleyball, basketball, cross pool, etc.
  • The authorities have to make sure that swimmers carry their equipment or aids like floats, goggles, snorkels, and kickboards. The individuals have to label them, clean them, and sanitize them.
  • The staff must encourage everyone around to follow hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
  • The team must be trained on all safety protocols, be it a virtual training to ensure social distancing.
  • Changing rooms are the most unsafe places because people tend to make mistakes and touch things often. Therefore the authorities may look for refraining pre and post-shower activities on the premises. Instead, the swimmers can come pool ready from home and leave the venue once the swimming session is over.

Pixabay | Lockdown easing measures need to be printed and posted everywhere on the premises

Wrap up

To protect from COVID-19, out of many safety measures, the government is stringent about opening the swimming pools again. Even when they open, the pool life needs adjustment to maintain social distance. Hence, we must learn to live with it as the virus is here to stay for long.

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