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Common Health Concerns to Look Out For in Kids

While children are little bundles of joy, their curious and inquisitive nature can often be cause for worry. Their tendency to sneak into any and every nook and cranny can especially give way to many health concerns.

Since children are ineffective communicators, what’s wrong is usually a guessing game, with parents calling the shots based on assumptions. Some symptoms like sneezing or coughing can easily be managed with the help of cough syrup or anti-allergen but, there are many other issues like rashes, eczema, abdominal pain, allergies, bug bites, vomiting, and more that can leave you frantic and scared.

Pexels | The beauty of being young is running around freely without the care of a thing

So, what are the most common health concerns for children, and what can parents do to ease their children’s pain

Here are some of the common health concerns that might spring up every now and then.

1. Sore Throat

Let’s suppose your child went to a birthday party and the next day, they wake up with a cough. This doesn’t necessarily mean a strep throat infection but, it could also be a viral infection since children do not often care when one of their friends is coughing or sneezing, leaving them more likely to catch infections. Doctors recommend giving the coughing child over-the-counter medicine to soothe the throat. Usually, the disease runs its course and goes away on its own most times.

Pexels | You should consult a doctor if the condition persists

2. Allergies

Whether it is food allergies or non-food allergies, they are very capable of stirring up a storm, especially for your young one. Rash, sneezing, and itching can all be symptoms of an allergy. They mostly spring up in the most unusual times, so allergy tests are normally recommended. Doctors recommend that parents should always take into account the intensity of the allergic reaction. If it includes choking, severe swelling, or shortness of breath, then they should quickly head to the hospital. Mild allergic reactions like rash or sneezing can easily be controlled through anti-allergens.

3. Injuries

Children are full of energy, and they love using it all the way, which is why they often are found running around and jumping off high spaces. This might be good for a thrilling experience, but it can also lead to injuries such as twisting their ankles, knee scrapes, friction wounds, and cuts. Like any other health concern on the list, parents should analyze the gravity of the situation and act accordingly. Could it be a fracture? Or is it a cut that won’t stop bleeding?

Pexels | Extreme injuries warrant a trip to the doctor’s office

Children can get themselves in painful situations but, these are the things that make them stronger, help their body increase its immunity, and come to their aid as adults.

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