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Celeb Kids All Grown Up – What They Look Like Today Will Leave You Speechless

Raising a child is one of the most beautiful and demanding aspects of one’s life. While it’s always a challenge alone, celebrities have an extra task of doing it in the spotlight! We’ve seen many healthy and happy celebrity children, but they often escape the center of attention as soon as they can or just find their own way to succeed in life. With many traits and downsides to growing up as a celebrity, we’ve also witnessed many of those kids stepping away from the spotlight and others becoming great stars like their parents. We’ve now put together a list of our celebrity kids, all grown up.

Lourdes Leon – Pop Diva’s First Child

The ’80’s Queen of Pop has a daughter named Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon. She is the popular singer’s first child with her now-ex-boyfriend, Carlos Leon, who was also Madonna’s personal trainer at the time. After their separation, Leon remained very close to her father. She is also attending the University of Michigan, and in 2016, she started modeling for Stella McCartney. Well, judging by her photos she has grown to be a gorgeous woman so modeling might be her calling. Maybe she will have a go at singing later just like her mom.

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