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Bad News: Diabetes is On The Rise, Good News: You Can Avoid Having it By Practicing These Habits

The numbers are concerning. According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a whopping 100 million American adults are either already diabetic or on they’re way to being one. While type 1 diabetes can’t be prevented, type 2 can be delayed when one puts healthier lifestyle choices into place. Here are some of the most practical changes people can make.

Eat Lots of Protein & Fiber

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Whole wheat bread is a great and easy-to-prepare source of fiber.

Fiber-rich foods include the likes of legumes, whole-wheat flour, and wheat bran. Loading up on fiber helps the body moderate how much it digests and slows down the absorption of sugar. This then leads to an improvement in one’s blood sugar levels. Meanwhile, getting enough protein from foods like eggs, tofu, and lean meat works to keep hunger at bay and is an overall excellent dietary habit.

No Smoking

According to Neena Xavier, M.D. from the University of Alabama, smoking leads to damage and reduction of the oxygen that the body’s organs need to survive. One of the most important organs that affect insulin levels is the pancreas. Damage to it can increase a person’s chances of developing diabetes.

Avoid Processed Foods

Meanwhile, endocrinologist Lorena Wright, M.D. warns people against too much consumption of processed food and fast food. Because these food items tend to be calorie-dense, they might lead one to be overweight or, worse, obese, which then increases a person’s risk to get diabetes.

Reduce Stress

When a person is stressed, their body releases a hormone called cortisol that can lead to increased insulin resistance and sugar levels. In connection with this fact, practicing stress-reducing habits has been linked with a lower risk of diabetes and overall wellness.

Adopt A Pet


One great way to reduce stress is to adopt a pet. Being a good owner often comes with positive lifestyle changes in a person’s everyday life that help them decrease their predisposition to develop diabetes.

According to observations by the American Heart Association, people who didn’t have a companion dog were more likely to get diabetes or smoke. Meanwhile, dog owners tend to be more active and are less likely to be at an unhealthy weight.

Make Exercise a Habit

Hype yourself up to get moving by joining a running group or exercising with friends.

Speaking of being active, exercising on a regular basis is recommended by health experts. They also suggest getting multiple sessions in a week instead of doing one extended session in one day. Still, people are reminded to consult with their doctor first before starting a new regimen.

Get Quality Sleep

Busy people often don’t get enough rest and sleep on a day to day basis. This is unfortunate since a lack of these needs may lead one to feel less motivated in continuing the other healthy habits they’ve started like exercising or eating healthy. In relation to this, those who suffer from sleep disorders have been found to be at risk of insulin resistance.

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