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Alicia Keys’ Skincare Routine Contains an Anti-Blemish Lotion with a Really Foul Smell!

Celebrities are expected to always look their best, a perception that is anchored on the unrealistic notion that their skin is flawless at all times. This is why when they are photographed without makeup or in plain clothes, they become a target of criticism and intense media scrutiny.

Unfortunately, the beauty standards can take a toll on public personalities, some of whom have become outspoken about not wanting to conform to these out-of-this-world norms. One of them is Alicia Keys, who had decided to ditch makeup for an au natural look both on TV and in performances.

Everett Collection / Shutterstock — Alicia noted how everyone wanted her to adhere to beauty standards

The singer has bravely weathered the criticisms because of her choices. But it is also worth noting that Alicia has also drawn praises for choosing to show her real skin rather than cover up imperfections. Either way, the ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ hitmaker knows she must adhere to a skincare regimen that will enhance her features.


For Alicia, having healthy skin is essential – but shunning makeup from her life doesn’t mean she is slacking off on her beauty regimen.

In fact, ‘The Voice’ judge uses a few beauty products to ensure she has clear and smooth skin. Alicia, who knows that a skincare routine needs to be followed at the end of the day, doesn’t just do it because she has to have impeccable skin but apparently, she loves it! She begins the ritual by using wipes to take away the surface’s grime and impurities.

Then, she uses an anti-blemish lotion with sulfur content. This ingredient, Alicia admitted, has a very distinct smell that she likened to farts. Even though it sounds disgusting, the Grammy winner is vouching for the product.

Rido/Shutterstock — Skincare is very important to Alicia

Because the miracle product does smell funky, she masks the foul odor with the Sacred Rose Water, which can also be used for the whole body. Apart from these, she also loves bath kits with flower petals and quartz crystals.

Saying Goodbye to Makeups

In 2016, Alicia revealed in an essay her intentions of not using cosmetics anymore. She followed this up with an appearance in that year’s MTV Video Music Awards, proving that she was dead serious with what she had written.

Pixel-shot/Shutterstock — Alicia ditched makeup products

In the heartfelt but powerful essay, Alicia exposed how she was treated as a child star and how she adjusted to the society’s norm. Her no-makeup idea was sparked by a photographer, who insisted that she skip the makeup for a photoshoot.

Alicia admitted that she felt the most empowered, free, and beautiful during the moment. As such, she decided to let go of her thoughts and choose to live make-up free.

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