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5 Life-Changing Eating Habits for a Better You

The usual reason for people for adopting a healthier lifestyle is to live longer. And while that is the main goal, the essential part is not just to extend our lives but also to enjoy it at the same time. And this is achieved by integrating healthy habits into our daily routines, ones that ensure long term effects and sustainability. Here are some of them:

Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

This might be something that is commonly heard, and there’s a reason for it. The increase in intake of fruits and vegetables has been connected to a lower risk of several illnesses, particularly heart disease. The recommended amount is five servings a day. However, If it’s too much of a change, slowly incorporate portions into your meals for lunch and dinner. You can also make a smoothie in the morning with greens and berries for added flavor.

Introduce more fruits and vegetables into your meals.

Consuming Less Meat

Having less meat and adding plant-based meals into your diet several days a week is very beneficial for our health. Studies have found that a common factor found in places where people live longer is their plant-based diet. There are several alternatives to meat such as beans, lentils, and peas. It might also help to try restaurants that specialize in plant-based dishes, so you have more knowledge of the available options and alternatives.

Incorporating Nuts Into Your Diet

Nuts are a very good source of healthy fat, fiber, plant protein, and several essential vitamins and minerals. A study conducted found that those who consumed more nuts had 39% fewer chances of mortality compared to those who ate less. Nuts can be added to a variety of dishes like salads, cooked vegetables, and is very useful in baking as well.

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You can add nuts to your salads.

Sticking to a Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean food is still one of the best options when you want to eat healthier. This is composed of mostly fruits and vegetables, nuts, olive oil, whole grain, and occasional seafood. It also includes a moderate amount of eggs, dairy, and meat. Research has shown that the increase in the consumption of a Mediterranean diet causes a 4-7% drop in mortality rate.

Drinking Green Tea

Green tea has been linked to the prevention of several conditions such as cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and Alzheimer’s. A study conducted on Japanese adults who drank green tea more regularly had a 76% lower chance of mortality.

Aleksey Mnogosmyslov/Shutterstock
A daily cup of green tea can help in the prevention of diseases.

It’s important to make sure that while we strive to have more time to live our lives the way we want to, we should be able to enjoy the journey. Being happy is an important factor in living a long life. It’s when we move with a purpose embedded in us that we become more motivated as we move forward each day.

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