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2018 Trends We Should Look Out For According To Experts

New planners, new calendars, and new goals. We have officially welcomed 2018, leaving the 2017 trends behind. Every year, experts and companies release official lists to look out for. These range from lifestyle to career, from movies to concerts, and basically anything under the sun.

2018 is the year of Feng Shui element Dog. This means that the year will reflect the character of the dog, warm, reliable, and loyal. Experts are predicting a harmonious year with overflowing blessings. We’ll keep our fingers crossed on this one but let us look at the 2018 predictions to help us guide what 2018 might have in store for us.

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According to Feng Shui, ultraviolet is the color for 2018. The color represents the mysteries of the cosmos, both the future and the past. Ultraviolet expresses the balance between the force we can and can’t control. It’s also a color that has been brought by pop-icon, Prince to the spotlight. This is why it is linked to creativity and non-conforming artistry.  The color has also a history of therapeutic practices. People use the purple-toned color in spiritual and meditation spaces.

Lucky Colors for Fashion

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Though ultraviolet is the color of the year, this does not mean that the rest of the color is considered unlucky. Feng Shui puts a huge importance on color since it is one of the elements that attracts luck and bountifulness. That is why clothing items are usually patterned on the lucky colors of the year. People have their personal lucky colors, according to their zodiac sign and their element, but let’s look at the colors that are lucky for this year’s Year of the Dog. Terracotta, Light Yellow, Sandy, and Beige are considered the luckiest this year. It’s quite a challenge looking and matching these colors into our wardrobe, that’s why we’ll let you know of other options. This includes red, orange, yellow, pink, and magenta. Feng shui tells us to avoid wearing black, green, gray, and brown.

These colors will only serve as a guide, so it’s still best to use common sense when shopping for clothes.

Fashion Pieces

Now that we have already discussed the lucky colors, let’s now go to the fashion trends of 2017. One of the staple pieces a girl should buy is a hoop earring. Yes, hoops are officially back and we are loving it. Jumpsuits will still be a trend this year, so are kimonos. Boots and ankle-strap sandals will continue to strut the streets. Sequined and sparkly pieces will be lucky and fashionable this year. On the makeup department, liquid lipsticks and highlighters will still be part of the essentials.

It’s important to still consider our budget before buying these pieces. Better be financially secured than going broke just to look nice.


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2017 has been full of new releases and intrigues in the tech world. Apple unveiled its new design and addition to the iPhone series, the iPhone X. The phone has received mixed reviews, mostly because of its price and that it looks like an Android than an iPhone. Samsung also released its successor to the Galaxy Note 7 that had battery issues.

2018 will be a year of advancement in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence gadgets that will have a huge impact on medicine and health. Although Virtual Private Networks (VPN) already exists, it will be more prevalent this year. Tech companies are investing more in VPN, an added feature that hides the identity of users. This will have the power to eliminate the monitoring of our online movements, even blocking government agencies.


2018 will be the year where medical practitioners, skilled workers, and technology professionals will be in demand. There will be lay-offs on jobs that can be replaced by automation such as tellers and salesperson. Jobs that will not be automated such as nurses, construction workers, and managerial positions will be the hot career trend for the coming years.

Despite having this trend and prediction, it’s still best to pursue a job that we are passionate about. This way, we can lessen the burnout and stress that is linked to our jobs.

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