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Anxiety Exercises: Overcome Anxiety With These ‘Mild’ Workouts

Anxiety is a challenging mental health disorder that can impact daily life in numerous ways. One aspect of battling anxiety is to engage in regular exercise–it has long been known that exercise has a positive impact on mental health. Exercising on a regular basis can reduce stress, improve mood, and promote overall well-being.

However, people with anxiety often find it hard to engage in regular exercise routines that can help alleviate anxiety symptoms. In this article, we will highlight some ‘mild’ exercises that can be incorporated into their daily routine to help you overcome anxiety.

Will / Pexels / Essentially, anxiety exercises are mild workouts that help you overcome stress and anxiety.

Yoga & Meditation

First up: Yoga and meditation are ancient practices that are now widely accepted and practiced in Western culture. They promote overall well-being and help balance the mind-body connection.

Essentially, yoga and meditation incorporate breathing, stretching, and mindfulness techniques that encourage relaxation and calmness, thus making it an excellent exercise for those with anxiety.

Simply Walking

Next up: Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise that can help reduce anxiety. Walking boosts endorphins, which are ‘feel-good’ hormones. Going on a leisurely walk every day can help calm your mind.

Likewise, it can also help you reduce muscle tension and improve your overall physical health.

Kampus / Pexels / Looking to keep anxiety at bay? Go for yoga and meditation.


This is rather an unconventional one. Swimming is often described as an exercise that is therapeutic for both the mind and the body. The activity helps to release endorphins while releasing tension in the muscles.

Thus, swimming can be done at your own pace. And it can help you stay cool and calm while releasing excess energy.

Aerobic Exercise

Any aerobic exercise like dancing, cycling, running, and brisk walking can help reduce symptoms of anxiety. It helps release feel-good hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Thus, they help you stay happy, healthy, and energized.

Regular aerobic and cardio exercise is beneficial. Based on your needs, you can modify it to fit your needs and your physical capabilities.

Tai Chi

Finally, Tai Chi is a martial art that consists of slow movements and deep breathing exercises. It includes a mental and spiritual element that can be beneficial for people with anxiety.

Juan / Pexels / Swimming can help you maintain sound mental health as it helps you release excess energy with ease.

Essentially, it focuses on relaxation, deep breathing, and strengthening the body.

Quick Sum & Recap

Exercising is a mild, low-risk, and cost-effective way to tackle anxiety symptoms. Incorporating these exercises into your daily routine will not only enhance your physical health but improve your mental health as well. Reducing anxiety through exercise is a slow process but a consistent one.

So, take one step at a time and incorporate these exercises into your daily routine to help overcome anxiety. However, it is pertinent to remember that exercise alone will not miraculously cure anxiety but it can be an essential part of your overall approach to coping with your mental health.

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