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Her Dad Refused To Let Her Marry…

Ever experienced falling in love with someone but the universe just seems like it begs to differ? We often want to be with the love of our lives forever but there are cases when the parents get in the picture. For Janice Rude and Wilson Prentiss, their love story seems like it came out of a movie. The couple faced numerous things that kept them from being together but we guess no money or family problems could stop the two from ending up with each other. Let’s take a look at their love story that will surely leave you with a smile after reading it.

The Start Of A Long Journey

Janice Rude and Wilson Prentiss met each other back in 1962 when they were still students at the Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. Both of them knew how deeply in love they were to each other so they already planned for their wedding to take place a few months later.

The Plot Twist

The two enjoyed dating and we think if they got married then and there, divorce wouldn’t ever be in the picture. However, the odds were really not in their favor for their love for each other encountered an obstacle that lasted for 50 years. A decision of a lifetime changed their lives forever.

Puppy Love

Although Janice and Wilson seemed like they were destined for each other, fate had different plans. As the two planned their wedding, Janice made sure to let her father know about it. Sadly, he was very much against it and he ordered her to break up with him.

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