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These Famous Couples Are Surprisingly Still Together & Here’s Where They Live

Celebrities have their personal lives constantly scrutinized, and this sometimes proves to be too much for a couple. There are some whose love has been tested, but they were able to endure the harsh glare of the spotlight. In fact, some of these couples have been together for decades!

One of the upsides of fame is that it often comes with a lot of money. This has allowed these celebrity couples to invest in lavish houses where they spend their days and share their love. Let’s look at some of the longest relationships in Hollywood and the fancy places they call home.

Paul McCartney & Nancy Shevell – $12.3M – London

Paul McCartney is one of the most well-known singers in the world. He was part of the iconic band The Beatles and has continued to perform throughout the years. He’s been married to his third wife, Nancy Shevell, since 2011. They had been dating for four years prior to tying the knot.

They own a house in London that is valued at $12.3M. In 2018, they had a safety scare after realizing that buglers were able to break in. Paul was recently seen in September 2019 supporting his daughter Stella, who is an acclaimed designer. She’s the product of his first marriage to deceased wife, Linda.

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