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Celeb And Their Grandkids At The Same Age – Take A Deep Breath!

Sometimes, you may come across a kid in a magazine or on TV that reminds you of a Hollywood star. In all likelihood, they could be related in some way! Hollywood has countless numbers of stars with kids who resemble them uncannily. But here, we look one generation further —grandparents and grandkids! It may seem unusual, but DNA can be rather dominant and can show through down several generations. Just take a look at this list of celebs and their grandkids to see exactly what we mean. Some grandkids even pursued the same career in Hollywood! What better recipe for success is there than natural talent and resembling an existing Hollywood star?

Benjamin Keough – Grandson of Elvis Presley

Benjamin Keough is the grandson of the late King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Benjamin’s parents are Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough. A lot of people actually noticed that Benjamin is actually a spitting-image of his late grandfather (if you take out the various weird hair colors he likes to put on!). From the shape of their face to their nose to their eyes, the two could easily pass as twins. Unlike other people in his family, Benjamin chooses to live a more private life away from any Hollywood drama.

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