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Beyond The Broken Mirror: Audrey Munson, America’s First Supermodel Who Died Alone In A Mental Asylum

The glamor of becoming a supermodel, has long captivated many a young girls’ dreams. The fame, the money, the attention, what’s not to like? And yet, there is a dark side to the model’s life, and in certain cases it has ended really, really badly. Living in squalor in an asylum-level of badly. Such was the fate of America’s first supermodel, Audrey Munson.

Though you might not know her name, you’ve probably seen her face. Audrey became the muse of many sculptors in the United States, whose works are displayed all over the country, especially in New York. How on earth did the most sought-after model become a forgotten woman who spent most of her life locked up and alone? Let’s dive into the harrowing tale of her life and find out…

Her Parents’ Divorce Traumatized Her

Katherine “Kittie” Mahaney gave birth to Audrey in Rochester, New York, on June 8, 1891. Audrey’s father was Edgar Munson. However, only eight years after her birth, her parents decided to go their separate ways. She went to Rhode Island with her mother, and her father was mostly absent in her life.

It is unknown how much her parents’ separation affected Audrey, but her mother’s influence throughout her life was definitely instrumental as Kittie became involved in most of the decisions that determined her success and decline. As Audrey grew up, Kittie noticed how beautiful her daughter was.

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