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80s Fitness Gurus: Where Are They Now?

The ’80s was an era which saw people putting on a pair of leotards of some variety, putting in that videotape into a VCR and working out like a champ until you were dripping with sweat. In an age of digital downloads, smartphones and having everything at our fingertips, we no longer need VCRs (or the very aged VHS exercise tapes). The stars of those tapes are still a picture of health and we’ve managed to hunt them down and figure out what they’ve been up to. Read on to discover what the fitness guru’s of the ’80s are doing now!

Raquel Welch – Actress & Singer, Age 79

It all started in 1984 with Raquel: The Raquel Welch Total Beauty and Fitness Program, a book she released to the world. While the book was considered a success, it was her acting talent which really caught peoples’ attention. She went on to star in some very desirable roles, earned herself a Golden Globe Award, and to this very day, is still involved in the acting industry. By following a healthy diet and sweating it out regularly, Welch just looks amazing for her age, which is unbelievably nearing 80!

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