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Tips and Tricks You Could Use to Get Rid of Negative Energy at Home

The choices that we make every single day, no matter how big or small they may be, will define how our day will go. However, despite these choices, one can control what is going on around them, hence there will always be positive and negative energies around us. This is why people say there will always be two sides of a coin, and both sides have different effects on people.

The kind of emotions that other people give you may have the tendency to influence you in so many ways. When someone passed on negative energy to you, it will surely have an effect on your mood and feelings as this negative energy will take over you. It’s like hearing your parents fighting or your partner nagging first thing in the morning, it will really affect your mood and and how you spend your day.

No one wants to be in a situation or a place wherein other people’s bad energies bring down their mood and ruin a perfectly normal day. Which is why more and more people are looking for different ways to fight off negative energy, especially in their personal space like home. It is a place wherein you are supposed to be comfortable, so here are a couple of ways you can keep your sanctuary free from negative energy.

A clean and bright room always attract positive energy

Make Rooms Clean and Bright

Some of the most important rooms in the house are the bedroom and the living room. The bedroom is basically your very own space and it is where you relax and sleep so making sure that it is clear from negative energy. On the other hand, the living room is usually a place in the house where you receive guests, so it’s a place where you socialize with people who are close to you, be it family members or friends.

These two places must always be clean and bright and one way to do it is by painting your walls a lighter color as well as making sure that the rooms are properly ventilated through windows or air conditioners. It is also ideal to make sure the room isn’t packed with unnecessary furniture. If you have a small living room then it is better to have a small couch so that it doesn’t take up too much space.

Another matter that needs your attention are the things that need to be fixed. However you look at it, things that are broken gives negative vibes since they can be a source of nuisance whenever you look at them. If you don’t want to fix things yourself, then it’s better to get some professional help or simply get rid of them and replace them with new ones.

Chimes and Bells

It is believed that the ringing of the bells or wind chimes can create vibration that brings in or invite the positive energy. The ringing sound also drives away negative energy in and out of the home so it is pretty common to have wind chimes at the doors or have them hung up near the entrance of the house. It may seem as if it is used in some stores just for the people working there to tell if someone came in, but it is also for good luck since they only want positive energy within the vicinity of their shops.

Wind chimes are believed to drive away negative energy around the house

Some feng shui experts also say that these bells or chimes may also be placed at the bottom of the stairs since it is believed that it will be able to maintain the flow of the positive energy throughout the entire household.

Salt and Water Always Matter

Even during the ancient times, salt was known to be the cleanser of the world since it is in the waters which literally covers the earth. According to experts, salt has the ability to absorb negative energy since it is one of the purest cleansers that can be found in the world.

Aside from adding a bit of flavor into the food that you cook, salt can also be sprinkled in every corner of the room. You must let it sit for about two days, and then  sweep it all out afterwards along with the negative energy it managed to catch from the house.

Salt is known to be one of the purest elements that can be found on earth hence its powerful

Bear in mind that we cannot control how negative energy can surround us because it is literally everywhere, what you can simply do is try to fight it as well as remove it before it affects the everyday life of you and your family.

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