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These Signs Show That You Are Here to Make This World a Better Place!

You might have heard of these people before – earth angels, lightworkers or a similar name. They are here to share and spread the light that they feel with others and to try and bring a positive change to the world. These people cannot understand or put up with hatred, intolerance, oppression or violence. They would just love for everyone to live in harmony and move away from current global problems.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”] “Earthly Angels do not allow other souls to dim their light; they just keep shining bright as the sun, for this helps other souls to reconnect with their own light and shine brightly too!”   Molly Friedenfeld [/su_quote]

When you get to know them, you notice that earth angels are not very much in touch with the modern world, they feel like old souls who are again on this Earth with a task to renew and restore the world. Some older, simpler times seem to fit them much better, times when we lived off the land, in harmony with nature, animals and each other. And yes, they know that we can never go back to that simplicity. Lightbringers are trying to instill a bit of that harmony upon us. They want laughter, joy, happiness and an abundance for each and every creature surrounding them. When you pay attention, you will notice that they are the most selfless people that you have ever met.

They offer pure energy of love, and they are constantly trying to help others find their best qualities and live in peace and harmony with the Universe. They have only the best intentions for everyone, but the situation in the world often frustrates them.

If you think you are one of these people, but you are uncertain, keep reading, and learn which five signs prove that you’re an earth angel.

You are a Lightbringer if you qualities are:

 Deep care for people

You empathize with every person you run into and have a need to help them surpass their problems. When you see someone in need, you can drop everything in order to help, since you have suffered and you know the pain, but you don’t want anyone else to suffer like you have.

You feel a deep connection to the people around you and have a need to comfort them if that is what they seem to be in need of. You get that the world might seem difficult and terrifying and that we all live in constant uncertainty. No one knows what might happen tomorrow, but you are working on making positive changes today.

 High sensitivity

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by the issues troubling this world as if you can’t ever make a difference, or even come close to it. Sometimes everything on this Earth seems tiring and frustrating, to a point where you are becoming desperate for a change. You simply don’t enjoy being in a huge crowd or loud people. Conflicts in energy make you anxious and confused. Most of the time, when negativity hits in form of news or via media, you tend to hide in the comfort of your safe places and protect yourself from this chaotic world.

 Strong intuition

Your decisions are often not based on logic, but on your emotions and intuition. You feel things more deeply than others, and you connect with things that appeal to your emotions, like music, art, sharing stories and connecting with people. This resonates with you a lot more than standard living in today’s society ever will. This is why you let your intuition lead the way and help you to decide which step to take. Sometimes you feel like those decisions aren’t even intuition, but more like a connection with the Divine that you have.

 Love solitude

Not that you are spending your time alone because you dislike anyone, but it’s just that it helps you to refill and rebalance yourself. The time you spend alone is used to heal and prepare yourself for the next contact with the overwhelming world outside. You enjoy taking long, meaningful looks at yourself and fixing what is broken. You are aware that if you seek to change the world, you first need to change yourself.

 “Outdated” ideals

Today’s world confounds you thoroughly. You see no point in spending so much time doing a job that you despise in order to get things you don’t need. You don’t understand why we are polluting our home and treating it like garbage if it’s the only place we can live in. Also, you cannot comprehend how we haven’t evolved more. These questions run through your mind every so often, and the answers our society gives are not satisfying. You have a feeling that we would have been happier as a species if we just found a way to coexist and get rid of materialism, greed, corporations and voting.

If you read these and felt that they resonate with you, you are probably an earth angel, and even though your path is tough, it is rewarding in the end. Just remember that you are here to shine and be a positive force in this cruel world.

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