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The Secret to Happiness, Straight from Finland

It is often said that being happy is a choice. Well, it seems like Finnish people live by this golden rule. According to the World Happiness Report, Finland is one of the toppers among the countries whose citizens are the happiest in the world. Popular belief suggests that the secret to Finnish happiness lies in the way they live their everyday lives and their general outlook toward everything. Guess the rest of the world has a lot to learn from the Finns.

We consulted several resources and chatted with some experts to decode Finland’s happiness mantra. Join us as we shed light on how it’s done in Finland:

They Relish Staying Outdoors

Probably, one of the primary reasons for general happiness flowing through Finnish air is its environment. Mother Nature has bestowed upon the country numerous lakes and national parks, and the purest form of natural water. The people realize how blessed they are, and that’s why they frequently venture out for hiking and biking trips, lake swims, and even skiing. Even the children are encouraged to have less screen-time and more of outdoor playing.


Pexels | The Finnish love staying outdoors

Self-Love Is Key

Taking a weekly sauna is a family thing in Finland! People believe, and rightfully so, that it has several medical benefits like decreased blood pressure and protection against heart disease. Additionally, it is considered as a bonding activity that boosts overall wellbeing. Almost all families specifically make time to go to the sauna every week.

They Take Ample Rest

Not taking annual leaves is frowned upon in Finland. Offices emphasize that their employees disconnect in July. Even the people themselves put on their out-of-office to unwind and relax for four weeks minimum! The community takes this time to focus on the essential areas of life and really think about what’s going on in their lives.


Pexels | Taking a break from work is almost mandatory in Finland

Always, Always Learn

Did you know schools didn’t charge a dime in Finland? It’s true; the country doesn’t have a single private university! Every citizen in Finland has a right to free education, regardless of their background or financial status. What’s more, the government stresses the cultivation of interests in fields other than education as well.

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They Don’t Shy Away From Saying Thank You

If there’s one thing the Finnish swear by, it is being content with life. Appreciation for the smaller things in life is often the key to true happiness. It doesn’t matter if one has a private cottage or a little hut, if one can survive a bad day, one should be grateful. Isn’t that what life’s all about?


Pexels | Feeling grateful matters

To sum it up

Whether you choose to follow the Finnish happiness mantra or not, you can’t deny that the core principles they live by each day are very simple – cherish yourself and your surroundings, keep learning, and always be thankful. Quite simple, really!

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