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Incorporate Spirituality in These Areas of Your Life for a Happier, Healthier You!

Spirituality is simply amazing. Not only does it help you release stress, but also enables one to appreciate the beauty of life. That being said, most people believe that spirituality should not be part of every facet of their life. However, there are innumerable benefits to introducing spirituality in even the simplest things you do.

So whether you’re stuck in traffic as you make your way to work, or having a hair makeover, you can transform this brief time frames into an enriching experience.

Keeping this in mind, here are some instances you can elevate your spirituality and awareness without really having to set time aside!

Spiritual teachings have been practiced for thousands of years thanks to the advantages they bring

During intimacy

For many especially in the dating scene, they regard intimacy as a normal thing. Something that two individuals who are physically or emotionally attracted to one another engage in.

Thus, it might leave some individuals feeling empty inside or ‘used’ by the whole experience. Additionally, they might even feel shameful about the whole affair.

To transform this narrative, one can start by being more aware of their body during intimacy.

Additionally, they can adopt a new mantra by telling themselves they release any shame and guilt about the whole situation.

This way, one can develop a lot of mental and emotional healing from intimacy. Perhaps even end up receiving greater pleasure from the experience!

Most people fear to incorporate spirituality in different parts of their lives due to external influences and pressure.

While in a relationship

Though relationships can be complicated, making them more spiritual can help you and your partner take it to the next level. You can first start by introducing new ideas and suggestions to connect on a deeper spectrum.

Moreover, you should make it a habit to ask your partner, friends, and family personal questions regarding themselves to help them open up. Asking them about their dreams, ambitions, and even the last time that they cried are sure questions to make them express themselves more.

While using social media

Yes, this might sound impossible, but you can employ a number of spiritual exercises when you’re online. For example, you can start by being selective about who you follow on social media. Enjoy the stories by personalities and influencers who put you in a good mood.

Alternatively, you should cut out the individuals who trigger emotions of jealousy and envy for the betterment of your emotional intelligence.


This is also another avenue that seems difficult for spiritual seekers to make a connection with. However, one simple understanding that most people miss is that the concept of money is merely an exchange of energy.

Hence, you should never shortchange yourself in life just because you’ve not been accustomed to money.

Most people approach money with feelings of fear and guilt instead of approaching it with feelings of generosity and gratitude.

So the next time you receive any money, whether it’s your paycheck or a gift of money, take a brief moment of your time to be grateful. Make it your mantra to show gratitude for what you have.

Additionally, remember that one essential way to attract more money into your life is to give as much as you receive.


Most people have no idea that how they dress defines the level of spirituality that an individual is in. Hence, make it a habit to wear clothes that reveal volumes about your spiritual entity and authenticity.

You can start this by simply throwing out any clothes that make you feel insecure about yourself. Otherwise, you’ll always be stuck in a self-loathing cycle.


One thing you’ve got to understand is that food is closely tied to one’s identity. How you see yourself subconsciously triggers what you crave and what you eat. That’s why what you consume determines the level of confidence that you have in your body, and in yourself.

Make it a habit to nourish your body with healthy food that revitalizes the system.


You don’t have to have a career in the NGO and non-profit to spiritualize your work experience.

So how does spirituality at the workplace start? You can begin avoiding any negative energy by refusing to participate in any work gossip.

Moreover, you can appreciate the fact that you have a steady career, and do the best you can in any project that you’re given.

If you’re not happy with the current job that you’re in, don’t curse it out. Instead, acknowledge that it is just but a stepping stone to greater achievements in life. Once you do this, you will know the right time to switch to the career that you desire.

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