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The Concept of Reincarnation Revealed

Most believers of reincarnation are hopeless romantics who believe that they are living a life that is missing something or someone. They believe that even if this lifetime ends, there will be another one, or multiple lifetimes to live until they find what or who they are looking for or who they are looking for. Thus the concept of reincarnation.

Reincarnation is a controversial concept. Many arguments have been presented about the topic at hand.

 What is reincarnation?

Reincarnation is defined to be the philosophical or religious concept that the living being begins a new life in another form or biological body after dying. Some call it the rebirth while others define it as transmigration. Transmigration is when the soul moves into another body after death.

For skeptics, there are shreds of evidence that might convince you to believe that your feared grandmother might be back in another form to haunt you:


Meet Patrick. He was born with a birthmark that looked like a small cut on the right side of his neck, a nodule on the scalp, an issue in his left eye, which was later diagnosed as leukoma (not a tumor). He also walked with a limp without a medical reason. Patrick recalled the memory of being under surgery. When asked about it, he pointed above his right ear. It was the same place where his half-brother had a nodule biopsied.

Patrick had an older brother, Kevin Christenson,  who had died in 1979 at the age of two. At 18 months, he had a broken leg that revealed metastatic cancer. He underwent chemotherapy through the right side of his neck to fight the complications brought about by the disease, including a tumor in his left eye. Even stranger, Patrick started asking about his old house, in which he had never set foot. 


How would you feel having your dad as your son? He would be hard to discipline, eh? Ask Doreen about it.

In 1992, John McConnell was fatally shot six times, leaving his daughter, Doreen, behind. Five years later, she gave birth to a son whom she named William. Strange coincidences showed when William was diagnosed with pulmonary valve atresia, a condition in which the faulty valve directs the blood from the heart to the lungs. Her son’s right ventricle to the heart was also deformed.

Although the condition improved after several surgeries, the mystery remained about the similarity of the anomaly with John’s shot. One of the bullets entered his back, hit the left lung and the main pulmonary artery of his heart. Both Doreen’s father and son had their lungs and heart affected in a similar way. Also, there was a time when William tried to avoid punishment. He told Doreen that when he was her father and that he never hit her when she was a little girl. Her son even asked about a cat she had as a girl and correctly identified it as “Boss.”


Meet Robin Hull. He often spoke in a language his mother could hardly understand that led his mother to seek the expertise of a professor of Asian languages. The professor identified the language to be spoken in the northern Tibet region. Robin stated that years ago, he studied in a monastery and learned the language. Note that Robin had not even set foot in a classroom let alone speak any language that was different from his.

The professor went as far as traveling to Tibet, where he located the monastery in the Kunlun Mountains.


Xenoglossy is defined as a phenomenon in which a person learns to speak or write a language through unnatural means. It was a term coined by Charles Richet between 1905-1907. He had an interest that spanned many areas, including parapsychology.

Ian Stevenson, a Psychiatry Professor, investigated an American woman, 37, whom he named TE. The woman was born and raised in Philadelphia. She was a daughter of immigrant parents who knew how to speak English, Polish, Yiddish, and Russian. TE studied French in school and learned a few Swedish words from a television show. But while under eight different regression hypnosis, she sad that she was Jensen Jacoby, a Swedish male peasant. As the old character in the past life, Jensen was not fluent and rarely spoke in full sentences. Her accent was praised and several specialists pointed out that the language was even mixed with Norwegian.

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