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7 Deadly Sins – Lecture 101

According to Christianity, The Seven Deadly Sins are lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. Even though the Bible itself does not list them, they are found in the book The Divine Comedy written by an Italian poet Dante Alighieri. Do you know everything about them? Let’s check!

 No. 1 – Lust

Lust is seen as an intense and uncontrollable desire – for power or money, for fame or food or even desire for a specific person. When these desires take hold of an individual, they are uncontrollable, and they even start controlling you. The more you feed them, the more they grow, and at one point, you won’t be able to handle them by any means. If that happens, you will be lost to the darkness of your own mind. Scary, right? Therefore, don’t fall for lust!

 No. 2 – Gluttony

Gluttony is equal to the overindulgence in food. It is overindulging so much that you even eat after you’re full, probably vomiting and returning to eat again. This insatiable desire to feed yourself can destroy all the other aspects of your life. You become selfish, always thinking only about your desires and neglecting other people’s needs. When this sin of gluttony takes over, you become a ravaging wolf that continues to eat but will always bee hungry for more. The hunger inside will always cause a craving for more food, and you’ll stay hungry forever.

 No. 3 – Greed

Greed is the constant desire for more possessions, for always getting more and more material wealth than any person really needs.  In the world of today, when there are always newer models of many kinds of devices, cars, etc. and where it’s a sign of status to have both a house and a vacation home, this sin can really flourish. Greedy people start to look at everyone around themselves from a distance as deserving more than others. Soon, they turn to theft and violence since they cannot satisfy their unnatural needs in normal ways. For example, they cannot rely on working from 9 to 5 in an office. Since you think that you deserve more than your neighbor, you just go and take your neighbor’s stuff because you think they should belong to you. As simple as that and as wrong as it can be.

 No. 4 – Sloth

Sloth is both physical and spiritual laziness. It is also failing to use your natural gifts and talents to help others and make the world a better place. A person who steps on this path will probably stay on it forever. Once the mind and body figuratively slumber, a person becomes sluggish and apathetic to the whole world. To this person, any kind of work is an unnecessarily bothering. He/she is stuck in a room that has no view, probably stopped even moving forward, watching TV shows all day long, eating fast food and doing nothing 24/7.

 No. 5 – Wrath

Wrath is more than anger. It has anger combined with hate and violence with elements of impatience, spite, and revenge. Wow, so many bad things in just one sin. Wrath can drive men and women to do unspeakable things to one another with no obvious reason. It has been seen as the cause for many of the wars throughout history. When wrath gets a firm hold on someone’s heart, it can lead him to do very ugly things even to the person actually loves, even to his family.  Once it overcomes you, it never loosens its grip. Rather, it clings tighter and tighter until your heart becomes nothing but a piece of ice (not literally thought). A person being sinful with wrath will never again feel the love in his life, never ever again.

 No. 6 – Envy

Envy is an extreme level of jealousy.  When seeing someone’s qualities, status, talents, or rewards, makes you feel envious, the alarm should ring saying “STOP FEELING IT! IT IS WRONG! STOP IT!” This crazy need to see others brought lower than yourself convinces you into believing that you must be miserable when you see other peoples’ happiness. You lose your ability to think clearly and all you can think about is what you can’t have and what you certainly can’t have is another person’s happiness. You start being consumed by desires that can’t come true since you’ll always be yourself and not that other person. You’ll never again be happy in your own skin—not even becoming that other person could save you (if that could be scientifically possible) since you’ll always find someone else to envy. A real witches circle!

 No. 7 – Pride

Pride is considered to be the mother of all the other sins, so it is the most serious one. When you believe that you are better than everyone else, all the other people become unimportant to you. Their wishes, needs, abilities, all of that is irrelevant to the prideful you. Basically, this sin is about loving yourself while despising others. When trapped in this way of thinking, you never let anyone persuade you into thinking anything different from your own opinion. Since the thoughts of yourself are so grand, you’ll never ask anyone for a helping hand or ever rely on anyone.

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