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10 Minute Morning Ritual Celebrities Follow That Will Transform Your Day for the Better

Have you ever noticed that you’ve been having bad, unproductive days of late? Snoozing your alarm for about three times can already wreak havoc on your day – this is because you already have to rush things just to get to work on time.

The same can be said for those who don’t have day jobs and rise at 11 a.m., but they start their day by watching television till the afternoon or reaching for their smartphones to check social media. The point is that sometimes you’ll feel tired and exhausted from trying to catch up with everything on a busy day.

Maybe your morning routine is the reason behind this – if you’re guilty of doing any of the abovementioned instances or you are stuck with an approach to your day that makes you in a hurry to accomplish things, it might be high-time to ditch the old habits.

And what better way to change your old habits than by adopting new ones from people who’ve already achieved a lot of success in their lives. Yes, we’re talking about Hollywood’s biggest celebrities who follow very strict morning routines to make sure they get the best possible start to their day.

Even if you think you don’t have the time to do things that may help you be more energized throughout the day, these quick morning activities literally take 10 minutes to perform and can guarantee a productive day.

Remember, how you start the day affects every hour after that, so in short, you need to rethink what you’ve been routinely doing. That said, here are some tips that can help you jumpstart your day:


Ever wondered what’s the secret to Friends‘ star Jennifer Aniston’s success? The actress wakes up at 4.30 a.m. every morning and spends 10 minutes meditating to kickstart her day.

Jennifer Aniston wakes up at 4.30 a.m. every morning and spends 10 minutes meditating to kickstart her day

Clearing your mind and organizing your thoughts before you start your busy day is a great way to check in with yourself and make sure that you’re taking care of your mental health as much as you are of your body, besides, you know how hard it is to handle stress when you’re feeling all sorts of emotions.

Give your brain some pampering with a simple 5 to 10-minute meditation exercise per day that can greatly boost your energy levels and uplift your mood for the entire day. What’s more, it could help you be at ease all day, which may come in handy especially if you’re working a demanding job.

There are many apps available which you can download for free and you can plug in your headphones, then immediately clear any noise away.

Stretch or Do Light Yoga

Besides a successful television career and a growing business, Khloe Kardashian always finds the time to exercise in the morning or at least do a quick 10-minute stretch before starting her day.

Khloe Kardashian always finds the time to exercise in the morning or at least do a quick 10-minute stretch before starting her day

Following in her footsteps, you can also practice light yoga, which also requires meditation – but this time, you are incorporating some mobility exercises as well to stretch your “sleeping” joints and muscles, after which, you’ll feel energized and ready to conquer the day.

The logic behind this is that your body will release endorphin, the hormone that makes you feel good after a nice sweat session.

We know it’s hard to work out when you just woke up, but yoga or stretching won’t require you to change from your PJs, so it definitely is doable than other strenuous activities.

Not only will you be getting your blood flowing, but you’ll also have a clearer and more focused mind for a couple of hours. Plus, what’s not to love? You’ll also be burning a few calories off.

Hearty Breakfast

Fabletics CEO Kate Hudson cuts no corners when it comes to her breakfast. The renowned actress wakes up fairly early in the morning to squeeze in a healthy breakfast before taking her kids to school. A regular morning meal for this busy mom consists of soft-boiled eggs, avocados and turkey bacon.

Fabletics CEO Kate Hudson cuts no corners when it comes to her breakfast

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Some argue yes, while others no. But for the point that we’re making, we’re going to say that it pretty much is a crucial part of the morning.

If you have no time to whip up a nice, full meal, there are loads of easy-to-do smoothie recipes on the internet that you can make in under five minutes. Although they require only a few minutes of your time, the energy it will give you can last the whole day!

The trick here is to use ingredients that are packed with the right nutrients that can give you the boost you need to complete that long to-do list.

Jotting Down Intentions

While it is common for busy bees to write the tasks needed to be accomplished throughout the day, some find it really stressful to see the untick boxes of the entries.

There’s one tip that can lessen the anxiety while you’re looking at the paper: jot down positive intentions. These are also goals and tasks that are needed to be done within the day but these are nothing like the mundane activities you routinely do.

As an example, have coffee with a loved one or start on the crochet project – these are two tasks that when you finished them, it will give you greater joy.

If you look at the bigger picture, this will help you be focused on your job every day and may empower you to inch in activities that truly make you happy in your busy schedule.

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