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Tired of Overthinking? Here Are The Best Fixes to Your Problem

Everyone has dealt with overthinking at some point in their life – assuming they’re not constant overthinkers. The simplest definition of overthinking is obsessing over an issue, situation, or problem for way too long. Overthinking is a dangerous thing and it can cause a lot of damage. What’s makes it worse is that said damage can easily be avoided but unfortunately, there is no switch to turn the overthinking off or on.

Pexels | What ends up happening is you overthink the smallest of issues and are forced to deal with the consequences that follow

What Makes Overthinking Dangerous?

Overthinking might seem harmless on the surface but it can lead to big problems that may not be the best situations you’d want to be in. The thing with overthinking is that it forces you to exaggerate things much worse than they are and soon enough, you act out while under the same impression.

This not only causes problems but also mental stress. Overthinking is not a mental health issue but it is a symptom of depression and anxiety. Usually, people suffering from anxiety tend to drift off and spend their time overthinking.

Pexels | This results in their anxiety taking a turn for the worse

So, could there be a way to control or avoid overthinking entirely? For sure, there are!

Read on ahead to find out.

1. Relax the mind

When you are tense, you are most likely to find yourself overthinking. The best way to combat this is by relaxing your mind and taking control. You can rely on meditation and practicing mindfulness to help you get rid of the negative thoughts and focus on what is around you right now rather than what should or could be.

2. Know your triggers

Start actively noticing your triggers – is there a certain topic that leads you to overthink or is there an object that you see that makes you overthink? Once you discover the triggers, you’ll be able to manage them better.

3. Get busy

Sitting idly can easily lead you to overthink. That is mainly because your mind has nothing to focus on so it puts its energy into overthinking. Look for a hobby or take on a sport to help you stay distracted.

Pexels | This will also positively impact your mind since you’ll find yourself doing something you enjoy rather than overthinking

Final Note

Overthinking is usually wrapped around an issue and solely the issue – it does not focus on the possibilities and the solution. Your job is to rewire your brain and start shifting the focus towards the solution. Overthinking can be dangerous and damaging but, these tips are bound to help you get control of that wandering mind of yours.

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