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Supermom Princess Sofia Shares Personal Photos of her Toddler Boys on Staycation During the Pandemic

You may have an idea of the royal family in the United Kingdom, with the likes of Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry occasionally making the headlines for their over-the-top and often engaging royal activities. But, we bet you knew nothing of the royal family comfortably tucked away in another part of Europe.

Like the Royals in the UK, the royal family in Sweden has recently started making headlines on social media. Princess Sofia of Sweden, and her boys Alexander and Gabriel, are kicking back to enjoy a summer full of fun and exploring. Like millions of families around the world, the Swedish royal family will be staying put this summer and avoid traveling due to the spread of COVID-19. But, children need to run around and play in the sun, and no mother knows that better than the princess.

Prinsparet | Prince Alexander and Gabriel are spending a wonderful summer exploring new places

Being locked indoors during the pandemic has been difficult for everyone, including the royals, even though it may not seem like it. Even with luxury, wealth, and fame, isolation still feels the same.

Times like these call for innovative ideas for different activities to pass the time, especially when traveling is a strict no-no. Making do with what you have and going with the flow is perhaps the best way to deal with the current circumstances, and the Swedish royals are doing just that.

Prinsparet | Princess Sofia is making the most of this summer, refusing to have her family be cooped up indoors due to the pandemic

There’s plenty to explore in Sweden, ranging from villages, nature reserves, lakes, and local eateries in every corner. So, why not take the opportunity to traverse and enjoy your own homeland and leave the traveling to when the situation blows over? If anything, the royals are setting up a trend for locals to get motivated by and follow suit with their ongoing plethora of activities.


The family has been quite active on Instagram as they share pictures of their daily adventures, showing that they don’t need to travel to have fun. The royal couple, along with her children, also visited Nynas Nature Reserve and took plenty of pictures to share with followers. With a long walk followed by a picnic with a view, the family cooled off as they went swimming in Lake Gisesjon.

Prinsparet | Prince Alexander looks completely taken away with his new buddy

The photos didn’t stop just there. Last week, they all headed to a rural area and participated in all sorts of recreational activities like bike riding, enjoying local food, and interacting with the locals, with safety precautions of course. They stopped for a break at a café following the long family bike ride. Little Prince Alexander also spent some time with farm animals as he was pictured with a white rabbit.

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