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Staying Happy & Coping With COVID-19

A global pandemic is a grave matter. People are being restricted to stay within their homes, countries have closed their borders, and companies are laying off people left and right. There’s no doubt that this is a horrible time. People can easily be driven to issues like stress, anxiety, and even depression.


Unsplash | Stressful times like this pandemic can lead to problems like depression

To ensure these difficult times don’t get the best of us, we need to try our best and stay happy. And if you think that’s too difficult, we’re sure these tips will help:


Meditation is a great way to unwind. While it isn’t practical for everyone, a lot of people find it very useful. In such troubling times, it may not be easy to clear your mind, but meditation can indeed help you calm down and relax.

Get some fresh air

With the work from home order issued for most businesses, we are at our homes all day. It is a good idea to go out for a quick walk, or take a short bike ride, or indulge in stretches at your local park. Exercising will do wonders for your mental and physical health.

Be optimistic

It would be best if you didn’t stop thinking about all the good things in life. While life can seem bleak, don’t lose hope. Try to see what you can do during this lockdown – both for the community and for your personal growth. Once you come up with a goal, start working to reach it. This will give you a purpose, and you will feel much better for doing something constructive.


Unsplash | Staying optimistic and focusing on good things helps

Stay connected

Humans have always craved social connections. If you aren’t living with your family, try to call them every day. You could also catch up with old friends over long calls. Video calls, Skype chats, text messages, and phone calls are all accessible today, allowing us to connect with our loved ones any time we want.

Find a hobby

Read that book or watch that movie you’ve always wanted to but could never find the time for. Indulge in long baths, crossword puzzles, movies, books, and more. Pick up new hobbies – learn to do cross-stitch, embroidery, stitching, painting, etc. Perfect those dance moves or cook something delicious. Doing such interesting things will take your mind off the current situation, and you will feel happy.

Clean your place

If you’re stuck at home, you will find that your home gets messy in no time. Use this time to give it a thorough cleaning. Having a clean space will help you focus better on work, sleep better, and lead a much happier life.


Unsplash | Organizing is a great way to de-clutter your home and your mind

To sum it up

Worrying will not solve the pandemic or the economic crisis. But, keeping happy will ensure you lead a healthy life amidst the mayhem. The tips mentioned above will help you stay relaxed and comfortable while these uncertain times pass.

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