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Scientists Claim this is the Best Time of the Day to Get Things done. What time do you do your Chores?

One of the most sought-after questions in self-motivational books is finding “the most productive time of the day” or “when is the best time to get things done.” The only correct answer to that is – “it depends on the person’s interests, circumstances, and tasks on hand.” That said, according to science, there is a particular time of day when you’re full of energy and can handle several things simultaneously. 


Pixabay | Science says there’s a time of day when you have the energy to handle several things simultaneously

If you find happiness in productivity but often struggle to manage your time and daily tasks effectively, this article is for you. Take a look at these tips that can help you get on top of your to-do list with finesse:

Initiate with a morning ritual

Creating a morning routine for yourself makes you more productive for the day. If you want to get the most out of workouts, you might try to start exercising in the morning. Some people also review their calendar to know what to expect from the day. If you get up earlier than everyone else, you may practice your hobby.

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Focus on the important stuff first

You may list your three big and most important tasks for the day to top your to-do-list. This will help eliminate distractions and schedule your day around these three tasks. Usually, cortisol, body temperature, and alertness dip in the early afternoon, so you must start brainstorming and jot down the ideas as early as possible. Try finishing your challenging tasks in the first half of the day.


Pixabay | Start with a morning ritual and focus on the most critical things first

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Schedule calls and meetings in the afternoon

It may be ideal to take the middle of the day off if you’ve started early. You must have completed two out of three essential tasks by now. To gain leverage of a gap which will energize you again for the last one, this is the time to schedule all your calls and attend your meetings.

Create theme days

It may be a great idea to decide on the themes of the weekdays. Early days of the week can be for the execution of creative and challenging tasks. The latter half could be for evaluating the last week and planning the tasks for next week. This might make your ideas clear about your goals and how much you have achieved.

Keep your routine flexible

Although schedules keep you working and on the track, slight alterations become necessary. Some out-of-context meetings, sudden events, unplanned business outings, and unexpected clients are few distractions that shouldn’t upset you.


Pixabay | Don’t be too rigid when it comes to your daily routine

To sum it up

As stated earlier, more productivity means more happiness for some people. So, you must follow accessible practices to keep you running. But don’t forget the golden rule to give yourself some space. It would help if you spent some time of the day relaxing with family and friends.

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