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Prince Harry is Taking the Mental Health Debate to a Very Popular Television Show!

While most Royal fans around the world anticipate the arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first child, the royal couple is continues to attend to their duties and responsibilities before the big news.

We all know that mental health is a topic close to Prince Harry’s heart who suffered from PTSD during his military days and now wants to help others who’re facing similar struggles.

True enough, the couple’s high office in the Buckingham Palace just announced that the Prince is set to collaborate with the American Icon, Oprah, to launch a brand new television series to advocate about mental health and wellness.

The Project

Just last week, the royal couple’s official Instagram account announced exciting news about the exciting upcoming partnership between Prince Harry and the renowned American TV host, Oprah Winfrey, to launch a docu-series for Apple that tackles issues pertaining to mental health and wellness.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made mental health as one of their leading advocacy and cause in life.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made mental health their leading advocacy and social cause

The announcement states how the pair have been working on the series for months, and they’re both excited to share this important project with the world thanks to Apple TV‘s global platform.

The series will tackle day-to-day issues about mental health to spread awareness and break the stigma surrounding this illness, as well as how to take care of your mental well-being.

The Project Details

The office also reveals the program will feature multi-part documentaries from experts explaining mental illnesses, honest conversations about the experiences most mental health patients endure, as well as providing a support system for sufferers to help them understand that they’re not alone.

The said TV series is set to air sometime in 2020 after Apple launches its streaming services and Prince Harry couldn’t hide his excitement over this special project.

Prince Harry is excited to release the TV series since this cause holds a special place to his heart.

Prince Harry is excited to release the TV series since the subject holds a special place in his heart

According to the Duke of Sussex, he truly believes having good mental health is the key to build strong and powerful leadership and drive communities to become productive and efficient.

Prince Harry reiterated that having a mental illness can be debilitating on so many levels even though people who have it don’t show physical symptoms. The overproduction of certain hormones including cortisol can seriously inhibit brain’s ability to assimilate information and think logically.

If you have a mental illness, you’ll have a hard time knowing the difference between right and wrong which can lead to a serious, and sometimes irreversible, lapse of judgement.

The Hope

Prince Harry and Oprah hope that the show will create a positive impact especially on those who struggle with mental health.

The two famous public figures want to share inspiring stories from people who wound up in a dark place but managed to break free from their inner demons. The show will also allow us to understand people who suffer from such illnesses and extend our empathy and compassion towards them.

Prince Harry and Oprah serve as the show's content creators, partners, and executive producers.

Prince Harry and Oprah serve as the show’s creators, partners, and executive producers

Prince Harry has never shied away from speaking about his own experience with mental health issues, so he knows how important it is to get proper support from professionals, friends, and family.

The Royal fans can also learn about the mental health struggles Prince Harry endured during his childhood days, especially after his mother’s death which affected him very deeply. The Duke will also share how he recovered from his illness to become a strong and formidable man and what the rest of us can learn from him.

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