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Why are Nordic People Happier than any other Nation? Let us Find Out!

Every year, a group of happiness measuring professionals from all over the world lists 156 countries based on how pleased their citizens are. These results are published in the WORLD HAPPINESS REPORT.

Happiness is often seen as a tough to describe, but if we look at it closely, it can be measured. Jeff Sachs, co-developer of the W.H.R, and a lecturer and the University of Columbia said when research experts speak of happiness, they specify it as a sense of fulfillment with life. It cant be measured by whether someone laughed at something or passed a smile. However, it is calculated by how a person feels while he is living his life.

Toppers every time

Every year Finland, Norway, Sweden, and other Nordic countries top the list while the U.S.A is always behind with rank measured at 18th or 19th place usually. According to a report issued in 2019, Finland topped again while also grabbing the title in 2018.  Norway seized the title in 2007, while Denmark bagged it to be the first among the list in 2013 as well as 2016. Switzerland was recorded as the happiest country in 2015.

Lots of freebies!

Danish countries make their mark as the most satisfied people because of costless schooling and free healthcare. These countries are the most successful of all, having the lowest crime rate and comfy economic assistance.

The people of these counties have set their priorities straight by balancing their work with their life. These societies do not stress about becoming millionaires while working hard and enjoying less as they find satisfaction in their quests at the same time enjoying a balanced life.

Danish people spend less time at work

Danish people don’t spend much time at work. They see it is a weakness, as it gives the impression that a person cannot get his job done in the designated time frame. Most people take leave from work at around 4 pm.

Five weeks of paid freedom

We all know how leisure time can impact our productivity positively rather than decrease it. Citizens of Denmark enjoy paid vacations for five weeks, and it doesn’t matter what their line of work is or whatever is their job title. Their employers guarantee it.

Stress leave is also a standard!

Denmark might be the first country to recognize mental health as a potential threat at work, as stress can leave a person depressed and can even lead to a mental breakdown. Stress is often seen as a low-level defect in Denmark. That’s why the Danish government pays people who are on leave to avoid further worsening of the health of the person. This safety net is what makes people happy and content.

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